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Featuring: Holly Wood
Busty dreams can come true. It's all up to you when your balls turn blue. What good is a swanky pad overlooking the Magic City if there's no hot and horny babe to spend quality time with? It's high-rise heat when Nicky Rebel phones for a sexy girl with really big tits and a big booty. He needs a girl who gives all of herself. Supergirl and all-around traffic-stopper Holly Wood comes to his sexual rescue, her massive breasts threatening to rip apart her sheer, flimsy top like a towering tidal wave of tantalizing tits busting through a dam. Nicky doesn't know where to bury his face first. Inside Holly's cleavage or between her hot ass cheeks. Top shelf or bottom shelf. Decisions, decisions. He has his hands more than full holding and kneading her huge hooters. After clamping a lip-lock on Holly's boobs, she clamps a lip-lock on his dick and squeezes it between her breasts for a tit-fuck fit for a king. They sixty-nine before they begin the main event. When we met Holly, she was a Moonlite Bunny Ranch Girl in Nevada. "I like traveling and my own free time much, much more, so I am not at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch anymore," Holly said. "However, I do have so many more fans that love these big titties. I mean, they came from out of the woodwork all of a sudden. I'm getting all these messages. They want to know how big they are and they want to see me oiling them and playing with them. They want more pictures of them, and this is just the beginning, so I'm excited to see where things go. I'm ready to show them off to everybody!"
From: scoreland
Featuring: Scarlet Peach
Scarlet Peach's male friend spends the night with Scarlet and her husband. While the hubby is in the bedroom, Scarlet and her friend have a late night chat. After Scarlet tells him good night, they decide to add some spark to the friendship and fuck next to her husband. XLGirls: Scarlet, how did you find out about The SCORE Group? Scarlet: I'm a longtime fan! I've been following you since my late teens. I've always wanted to work in the industry and be a model for you. XLGirls: What's the most-fun job you've ever had? Scarlet: Being a burlesque dancer and performer is by far the most-fun job I have ever had in my life. I'm an intensely sexual person and being able to do what I love to do, I couldn't be happier. Now, since I started producing porn, too, I'm on cloud nine! I can't help but recall a job I had several years ago as a graphic designer at a sign shop. I would wear slightly inappropriate attire to work just to tease my boss. I worked in an office full of men. I liked it that way. My boss would call me in his office and tell me that I shouldn't have worn that and that it was making his cock hard. Then he would keep me late and we'd fuck in the print room after hours. He would bend me over the cutting table or desk, sometimes over the printer, too. But it always started and ended with him pushing me down on my knees. So hot! XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you like? Scarlet: I'm a pleaser. That's what really gets me going. I love turning on some sexy music and dancing and strip teasing for my lover. Then rubbing and grinding my body against his and kissing and groping each other. I love having my tits firmly grabbed and jiggled while shaking and draping them over his face. My nipples get really hard and I love having them sucked! My favorite foreplay is sucking cock. You might say I have an oral fixation. I love starting slow and sensual to build tension and sensitivity. Then work my hands and tits into the blow job as well, ending in passionate deep-throating and a slobbery mess before sliding my cunt down onto that eager cock. I'm also bisexual so if it's a woman lover, I will approach her in the same manner but will focus on playing with her breasts and teasing her clit before licking and lapping at her sweet little pussy. XLGirls: Thank you again, Scarlet Peach.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Eva Gomez
Our boys Johnny Rod and Colton Jag have seen a lot of ass in their day. And we're not talking about run-of-the-mill booties, mind you. They've seen and sampled some of the thickest, roundest 'donks you'll ever find in Miami. So they're certainly knowledgeable to rate Eva Gomez's lightly-tanned rump. Eva struts into the room expecting to score a perfect 10, but these guys are tough. Johnny and Colton raise their cards and both rate her rump a nine. Eva's going to have to put in a little work to get that perfect 10, which she has no problem doing, of course. Eva hops onto the nearby bed, oils up her booty and pops it for them. Needless to say, Johnny and Colton are impressed. So impressed that their cocks are now, understandably, fully-erect. The boys hop over to the bed and decide to thoroughly inspect Eva's body and booty. "That's nice, huh?" Johnny says to Colton as he smacks her ass. The guys are ready to work on Eva. Johnny pulls out his cock and slides it into her mouth while Colton smacks Eva's ass and fingers her cunt. The dudes switch sides for a bit until Colton lies down on the bed and tells Eva to hop on his cock. She eagerly hops on him and pulls Johnny over to her so she can continue sucking him off. Taking turns fucking Eva's pussy isn't enough for these dudes, though. No, when a girl like this is in front of you, you fuck her pussy AND her ass. At the same time! Eva's screams and moans are a mix of pain and pleasure as she takes this DP. We're not sure if we've seen a girl get fucked harder than this. When these dudes finally bust their nuts, they shoot their loads all over Eva's phat ass. As a show of appreciation for her hard work and perfect body, the guys affix cards with "10" onto her cum-soaked ass cheeks.
From: bootyliciousmag
Nicol Mandorla, looking like the classy 61-year-old that she is, is sitting on a couch, touching herself, waiting for her man to return with a glass of wine. But it's not wine that she wants. It's his cock. He gives her some lovin', licking her pretty nipples, much to her delight, feasting on her beautiful tits, before she turns her attention (and mouth) to his cock. Mrs. Mandorla (she's married) has excellent tongue skills, and she also loves taking that big cock from behind. Nicol is also a mother and a grandmother. She told us, "My children would be very surprised to see their old mother in a naughty magazine and on a porno website." Really, what kid wouldn't? 60Plus MILF Rita Daniels once told us a story about that. She was driving in a car with her daughter when her daughter turned to her and said, "So, Rita Daniels..." Rita Daniels, of course, is her stage name, and she wasn't expecting to hear it from her daughter. But her family was accepting of their mother's secret porn life, and Rita kept doing what she does best. As for Nicol, she said, "I am not a person who is usually an extrovert. I am usually very conservative. I am not a swinger and I am not a nudist. I know some people who are very wild sexually, but I am not one of them and this would surprise them." Nicole says she has sex "as often as I can." With her looks, she can have sex whenever she wants.
From: 60plusmilfs

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