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4.9/5 Stars
Featuring: Alexis
"I'm a nympho," Alexis told us right off the bat. "I have sex at least ten times a week. If a guy is good at eating me out, I can cum up to 30 times. That's my record, but I'm always trying to beat it." Alexis is a stripper in Tampa, but she is trying her hand at adult modeling. These are her first pictures, but they definitely won't be her last. "There's nothing that I love more than spreading my pussy for strangers," she told us. We asked Alexis to tell us about her kinkiest sexual encounter. "I had sex with my boyfriend's dad on my boyfriend's bed. I felt kind of bad about that one, but whatever. His dad was hot! I have a thing for older guys. Once, when I was a senior in high school, I fucked a substitute teacher in my biology class. It was right after school let out, and we had been flirting all day. I walked in and immediately started kissing him. He went with it. I sucked his cock while he leaned against the desk. Then we switched positions, and he bareback fucked me until I came all over his dick. When it came time for him to cum, he pulled out and finished on my tits."
From: naughtymag
4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Kamille Amora
The three amigos have pulled into a parking lot when Tony Rubino swears to JMac that a girl they just passed on the street has super-huge tits. He makes the driver turn around so they can catch up to her. Wearing a baggy shirt that hides whatever she's allegedly packing in her bra, she comes over to Tony when he calls out to her from the passenger side. She's wearing eyeglasses, but of course we know who she is, and she's going to prove Tony right. Tony chats her up and makes his move. He wants to prove to his buddies that she has big tits so our friend Kamille Amora simply lifts up her tent-like T-shirt and flashes her 36I-cup treasure chest. Kamille, who started nude modeling at XL Girls was just out shopping during her combination XL Girls visit and vacation, but she's always ready for a challenge, especially when it comes to how big her tits are. Now Tony and JMac are more desperate than before to fuck this juicy bra-buster and slide their cocks between Kamille's deep cleavage and do other horny things to her. Kamille gets in and sits in the back seat. As they drive off, her tits bounce under her extra-large shirt even though she's wearing a bra. Once again, they beg to see her naked boobs and she's happy to oblige, pulling her bra and shirt up over her hooters. She's used to that request anyway! Everyone wants to see Kamille's knockers, and we mean everyone. Rubino climbs into the back seat so he can do some more research on Kamille's tits and she lets him play with them. JMac and Tony invite Kamille over to a place they use as a fuck-pad. They have plans for their pick-up so they dump their driver-buddy. Miss Amora, a stripper back home in Seattle, is a very obliging girl. Using their time-tested double-play tag-team technique, JMac and Tony each take a side of Kamille on the couch, strip her down naked and fuck her brains out, taking turns on her throat and pussy. After they anoint Kamille's hangers with ball juice, Rubino can't resist taking a photo of her cum-coated boobs. She gives him the finger, a gesture of thanks in Kamille's city Seattle.
From: xlgirls
4.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Jaded Dawn
Jaded Dawn is a busy feature dancer traveling the club circuit of North America. Super-flexible Jaded has many titles to her name, among them Miss Nude World Hottest Body and Miss Nude Go-Go. Jaded's also been a guest on the Jerry Springer TV show and on the Tony Batman internet radio talk show. Jaded is from Des Moines, Iowa and lives in Las Vegas. She is an experienced belly dancer and likes to design stage costumes. Jaded has a body made for bikinis as this photo shoot and video prove. The video begins with Jaded at poolside. She gets naked and she gets wet. In the second part, Jaded comes inside, gets wet again and cums. You'll see how super-flexible Jaded is when she does her floor work and pussy playing. Since Jaded's a dancer, you could sit two feet away from her when she spreads her legs nice and wide on-stage the next time she's at a club near you. It beats watching football.
From: scoreland
4.3/5 Stars
Featuring: Larissa Linn
As Larissa Linn says in this scene, "Sexy! Sexy!" Larissa has everything a man could possibly want in a girl. The face, the body, the big boobs. Everything that brings tears to your eyes. Today, Miss Linn is playing in the kitchen. She's our "Kitchen Wet Dream." Larissa has a beautiful voice, too. We bet she sings in the shower. Like Juliana Simms, Larissa loves to go out dancing. "I like all kinds of music and I love going out to a club for a night of dancing," says Larissa. Larissa doesn't dance in this video but she's still poetry in motion. She's taken to hot modeling and she has all the right moves. In other words, Larissa's a natural!
From: scoreland

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