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5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Kinky Katarina
Kinky Katarina, a 58-year-old divorcee from Manchester, England, is back for more. Today, she uses her fingers and a toy to get off. When she spreads her ass to reveal her tight butthole, we're sure she'll get you off. And later this week, Katarina is going to get her pussy and ass fucked by a real cock. 50Plus MILFs: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here? Katarina: Yes! They'd be shocked. 50Plus MILFs: How did you come to our attention? Katarina: One of my cam followers told me about you. I'm glad he did. I'm having a wonderful time. 50Plus MILFs: What satisfies you best sexually? Katarina: Hardcore fucking. 50Plus MILFs: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Katarina: Both. When I'm wild, I take over. 50Plus MILFs: Are you into anal sex? Katarina: Yes, and you're going to find out how much I love it!
From: 50plusmilfs
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Amiee Roberts
Amiee Roberts makes a fine "Kitchen Spread," even if things get very wet. XL Girls: What motivated you to model at XL Girls? Amiee: My ex-boyfriend is a fan and he told me about you. I'm just taking a chance in life and trying new things. XL Girls: What do you like most about modeling? Amiee: Getting made-up! It's sexy and fun. I like the care that's taken. XL Girls: Are you modeling full-time or part-time? Amiee: Right now, it's mostly part-time. Things might change.
From: xlgirls
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Kitty Langdon
"I like to be watched. It speaks to the exhibitionist part of my nature. I feel a stranger's eyes on my body and it's as if his hands are groping me. It makes me want to give him a show--the wilder, the better. "When I cleaned Johnny's hotel room, I could feel his eyes on me, undressing me. When he told me that he likes to watch, I knew I had found my match. Then his hands were all over me and I lost all control. I was so excited to let him see my naked body that I ripped my dress off, snapping buttons and sending them scattering everywhere. The sex was hot but the best part was when he came all over my pointy black shoes. I loved seeing his cum glisten on the leather."
From: legsex
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Desiree
Redheaded bra-buster Desiree is a Voluptuous Girl who returned ten years after a one-hit solo debut in 2001. Desiree was a tourist on Pompano Beach, Florida when one of our photographers walked over to her and gave her his card. In this nasty knocker-knocking, Desiree pairs up with Assante, who opens her cunt and asshole for his large, black fuck-stick. Desiree wasn't kidding around when she said she planned to make up for lost time. Desiree says fucking at The SCORE Group with professional cocksmen has actually amped up her sex life. "A lot of guys can't keep up with me," she told us. "They cum too fast, or they don't want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me. The guys I sleep with can't even last like two minutes in my vagina. They never even tit-fucked me. There is no way that those guys can try and fuck my ass!" On this day, Desiree gets a phone call while she waits to head out for the evening with her husband. He can't pick her up so he sends his employee Assante to pick her up and drive her to him. That suits Desiree just fine because Asante's fucked her before. They haven't seen each other in a year and his jizz-shooter gets hard seeing her huge 36F-cup tits ready to plop out of her tight tank top. They decide to get some sex time in before they take the drive. Desiree lays back on the couch to have her cunt eaten and her nipples sucked. She wants to fuck his chocolate bar so bad she can taste it--and she does--spitting and licking it to rock-hardness. The couch is too small so they head to the bedroom. He undresses Desiree completely naked and barefoot and she gets on him in reverse cowgirl. But instead of going into her P-hole first, he inserts his cunt-wedge right into her asshole. "Oh yeah...fuck," mutters Desiree, her anal zone invaded by his meat missile. This bitch and her butt crack is his. All Desiree can moan is "fuck...fuck...fuck," over and over, like the play-thing she is, as his tool mercilessly stretches her lovely anus. "The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster" is based on a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
From: scoreland

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