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Featuring: Fiona Candie
When we asked Fiona Candie, a 61-year-old first-timer from Texas, if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, "No." No? "They would be shocked," she said. "I seldom wear revealing clothing and rarely date. I'm very private and even my closest friends don't know everything. I tend to be secretive about my personal life." Well, as of right now, some of her secrets are out as this divorcee, mother of three and grandmother of two strips out of her flimsy lingerie dress, shows off her sexy body and gets off for all the world to see. Here at, we pride ourselves for featuring real women-next-door (rarely porn stars), and Fiona is as real as they come. She's had an interesting life. In addition to coaching gymnastics (her favorite job), Fiona has had a host of inside jobs for the U.S. Air Force, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), the Marines and the FBI. She enjoys tennis, gymnastics and watching soccer and football (the Dallas Cowboys are her team). Her hobbies include flipping houses and gardening. She's not a swinger. She's not a nudist. But she's nude here, and Thursday, she'll fuck a young stud on-camera for the first time. 60Plus MILFs: How did you come to our attention? Fiona: I reached out to an agent who put me in contact with you. 60Plus MILFs: What are your sexual fantasies? Fiona: With my background, my fantasies tend to include crime, mystery and a bad boy who, of course, falls in love with me. 60Plus MILFs: What sexually satisfies you best? Fiona: Oral, oral and oral! 60Plus MILFs: Where was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Fiona: In the back of a pickup truck at a music festival. 60Plus MILFs: Do you initiate sex or wait for him to make the first move? Fiona: It depends. I like for a man to make the first move but I I also enjoy surprising him if I feel he's tentative about it. I like to be unpredictable.
From: 60plusmilfs
Featuring: Valentina Sierra
Saying that Valentina Sierra is sexy is the understatement of the year. This 44-year-old divorcee from Prague, Czech Republic oozes sexuality. Here, she takes a shower then gets down on the floor to fuck her pussy with a big toy. She enjoys every inch of it. Valentina has firm, fake tits, a big, pierced clit, a fuck-doll pussy and a perfectly puckered asshole. We look at some women and think, "Really? She's going to fuck on-camera? No way!" But we look at Valentina and think, "There's no fucking doubt she's going to fuck on-camera." And she will, later this week. But first, she's going to take care of herself, and she invites you to watch her and do whatever else you feel like doing. But here's the skinny on Valentina: Although she looks like a fuck doll, she's really not much different from the average MILF-next-door. We asked her to name the most-enjoyable job she's ever had and she said, "Being a mother." She has four children. We asked her what kinds of dates she likes to go on and she said, "Romantic dates or dates in nature." She enjoys taking long walks in a forest, painting and going to flower shows. Her idea of a perfect day: "Me and all my children chilling together all day then having a nice dinner. Then we play cards or watch one of our favorite movies." And yet...she's a nudist and has been a swinger. We asked her about her sexual fantasies and she said, "I've done them all." She loves to be watched while having sex. And anal sex? "Yes, please!" Enjoy Valentina. "Rub your cock for me," she said. Yep. Just the average MILF-next-door.
From: 40somethingmag
Featuring: Trinety Guess
"You're making me dress up in these kinky clothes," Trinety said. "I'm not sure if I like it or not." Trinety has always been a little tease. Which is one of the things we've always liked about her. Her playful sex appeal, love of fucking and 38GG tatas are some of the other reasons. It has been much too long since we've seen one of our favorite gingers, but hot, plump girls like this are more than worth a wait. "You can pretty much see everything with what I'm wearing," Trinety continues to tease. "Do you like it? I guess I'll be a naughty girl today." Busty, curvy, naughty girls just happen to be our favorite kind. Trinety begins playing with and kissing her GG cups. "Do you like when I play with my titties?" She asks. She knows that we do, but girls like Trinety always have us begging for more. She takes a seat on the couch, pulls her panties to the side and begins stroking her pretty, plump pussy. "Do you like my kitty?" she asks as she diddles her clit. Trinety pulls out her favorite toy, a bunny vibrator, and places it on her pussy. "Let's see if I can hide it in my fat pussy lips," she says. When Trinety finally comes, she licks her juices off of her toy. "I'm licking all the juices off so you can't have any," she says. Like we said, she's always been a little tease.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Valory Irene
Valory Irene explains in English in this video why her shirt is so comfortable, especially in tropical weather. Her accent is killer-sexy. A guy could sprawl out on the couch and listen to Valory read stories to him all day. She's true girlfriend material. "My breasts are breathing," soft-spoken Valory says, playing with the front of her shirt. "It's perfect for them, this T-shirt. They love this T-shirt." Valory's panties are also very unique. A girl can stay horny all day in them. What will these panty manufacturers think of next? No one would ever know unless she wore a mini-skirt and bent over...which Valory does here as she gyrates and grinds her way back into our hearts.
From: scoreland

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