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Featuring: Fiona Candie
In her first porn scene, 61-year-old Fiona Candie from Texas sucks and fucks a guy who's young enough to be her son (the age difference is almost 30 years). He comes to her place to workout, but she has a different kind of working out in mind. Before long, she has his cock in her mouth and pussy and they're working up a sweat. 60Plus MILFs: Describe your perfect day or evening. Fiona: Mild weather, gathering outdoors with friends, sharing wine, cooking something healthy on the grill, talking and laughing and telling naughty stories. 60Plus MILFs: Do you normally wear panties? Fiona: Never. 60Plus MILFs: How does a man attract your attention? Fiona: Eye contact, a warm smile, not hesitating to let his attraction to me show and a lot of confidence. 60Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate? Fiona: Of course! It's true that women reach their sexual peak later. I have some wonderful toys and am easily aroused. I orgasm quickly and over and over. Sometimes I just can't stop! 60Plus MILFs: Before today, had you ever had sex with a much-younger man? Fiona: Yes! It sounds like a story line, but it was a handyman mounting a TV for me. He was half my age and only a year older than my youngest son. The TV wasn't all he mounted!
From: 60plusmilfs
Here is greatness and her name is Anna Katz. As expected, Anna was responsible for some serious hyperventilating among the members who take the time to compliment the girls in the comment section. Anna gets to the boob reveal quickly in this scene. She understands the mind of the breast man. Before she decided to show the world the blessings nature gave her, she was a florist. XLGirls: Anna, what kind of dates do you like to go on? Anna: I like to go on fast dates. XLGirls: Do you have any special talents? Anna: Maybe. I don't realize it yet. XLGirls: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Anna: Mostly passive. XLGirls: What sexually satisfies you the best? Anna: My man. XLGirls: How often do you have sex? Anna: Every day. XLGirls: What is your favorite position? Anna: Doggie and missionary.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Valentina Sierra
So you're sitting on the couch, nodding off after a long day, when your sexy girlfriend comes home. She wakes you up, and at first you're in a daze, but she quickly shakes out the cobwebs by stripping for you and shoving her fine, firm ass in your face. Then she's pulling her legs all the way back so you can eat your pussy, then she's got your cock down her throat, then she's getting on all fours so you can fuck her from behind, and man oh man, are you lucky to have a woman like Valentina Sierra! Then again, not many women are like Valentina, a 44-year-old divorcee and mother of four who has a tight body and a super-charged sex drive. She's really into fucking and has the pierced clit (and big, fake tits) to prove it. 40Something: Are you into any fetishes? Valentina: Yes. Leather, fur, Latex, high heels. 40Something: What are your sexual fantasies? Valentina: I've done them all! 40Something: What was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Valentina: For me, nothing is kinky. 40Something: Are you into anal sex? Valentina: Yes, please! She doesn't have to beg. Valentina will get ass-fucked the next time we see her.
From: 40somethingmag
Featuring: Jordan Pryce
It's been awhile since Jordan Pryce and our photographers have been able to set up a shoot. Her big tits are bigger than ever. The hooks of her bra must be made of titanium to not give way under the stress of those whoppers. "My boobs are very sensitive, especially my nipples," said Jordan, a girl who moans like she's cumming when she speaks. No wonder she calls herself Jordan FukDoll. "I can give myself pleasure every time by playing with my nipples and rubbing my pussy, sometimes just by rubbing my nipples. Sometimes I will be out in public and I will find myself touching my nipples. People will be staring, and I will be like, 'Ooops!' "I love big boobs. I love looking at them and playing with them. It's all about boobs for me. I am into girls, especially girls with big boobs. I like sucking on a big-boobed girl's nipples, and I will eat her pussy, too. I think big boobs are the most-beautiful things in the world."
From: scoreland

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