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5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Jessie Simmons
"I am just a normal girl who loves to laugh, watch sports, travel and have fun," said Jessie Simmons, a beautiful and busty little cutie. One of our contributing photographers discovered Jessie in the Czech Republic. Jessie's English is limited so her translator helped out. At first, taking pictures was a hobby for Jessie. Like all girls around the world, she takes a lot of selfies. That became a springboard for posing for professional photographers. At first Jessie was going to stick to clothed modeling. Then she changed her mind, like girls tend to do. "I was very nervous when I posed for this," said Jessie. She seems shy in her videos but she's really not. She masturbates very naturally, as if the cameraman isn't there. Jessie looked so comfy, we didn't know she was nervous until she said she was.
From: scoreland
4.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Joana Bliss
A woman of taste, Joana Bliss picks out one of her sexiest tank dresses to show off her curves and start this scene. She owns the camera as always, caressing her huge tits and her shapely ass and legs. Sitting in her happy seat, Joana takes a giant black dildo and licks it while she fingers her pussy lips. Sticking her toy inside her pink pussy, Joana pumps her wet cookie, her body quivering from the pleasure. She moans loudly when she reaches her hot zone and licks her finger and the dildo. The incredible surprise of 2022 was two-time Voluptuous Model of the Year Joana deciding to do hardcore after 18 years of solos and girl-girls. The SCORELAND Blog went on overload with every kind of reaction and comment to the news that an unnamed major model was going to have sex on-camera. A record-breaking number of comments poured in. Some guessed correctly. Others were way off the mark. The editors themselves were very surprised when they originally learned that Joana was going to do boy-girl because we never thought she would.
From: scoreland
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Emma Ryder
When you've gotta go, you've gotta go! Young Emma here told us that she had to pee, so we snuck after her and snapped some pics and vid. Emma's the kind of girl who will do anything once, and that includes porn. "I'm super-nervous but excited at the same time," she told us. "I've only been with my high school boyfriend and one other guy. Both of them were skinny white guys, so I'm excited to fuck a stud!" When Carlos our professional cocksman dropped his pants and whipped out his cock, Emma's jaw dropped. We could tell she was impressed, so we asked her about her experience with cock sizes. "Carlos' is the biggest by far. I don't want to be mean, but my ex-boyfriend's dick is...I'm not actually sure. I'm terrible at judging the size of things. I think it's, like, the length of my iPhone 5. Yeah, that's it." For the record, guys, an iPhone 5 is just shy of five inches. That means that Carlos' man-meat was going into practically virgin territory. Still, Emma handled sucking that big cock like a fucking champ. She's a fast learner. "I'm normally a fan of doggie-style or missionary, but I really enjoyed riding on top today. It felt incredible and I thought I did really well. I'm usually scared of having my boyfriend slip out of me, but this time I knew that wouldn't happen. I could feel every inch of my pussy being filled. This might sound really weird to a lot of people, but it reminded me a lot of riding horses, which I love doing. I actually orgasmed while riding a horse once. That can happen if you're a girl and you're in the saddle long enough!"
From: naughtymag
3.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Kamille Amora
You know her. You love her. Kamille Amora, a popular graduate of XLGirls. When a guy has a friend with a big-boobed girlfriend, and she invites him over to her place to talk about her problems with said boyfriend, is it possible to not wind up fucking in bed? Kamille complains to Brick Danger that his buddy is not paying any kind of attention to her and hasn't been giving her the sex she needs. Brick comes over because he wants to fuck Kamille. Otherwise, he would just talk to her on the phone or over the web. But Brick is eager to suck on those big and heavy titties, feed Kamille hard cock and then plunge it into her pussy every which way. Kamille feels the same about banging Brick's brains out or she wouldn't be waiting on her bed for him, ready for action. She reaches out and Brick moves in on her boobs. His bro may be his best friend but Kamille is his breast friend, and breast friends cum first. He can always dive out the window if his buddy comes home early.
From: xlgirls

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