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"I had fantasies in the back of my mind, but I was always a little prudish and didn't want to tell anyone what my fantasies were, so I didn't tell anyone what I wanted to do," said 58-year-old divorcee and mom Brie Daniels. Today, she's making a lot of fantasies come true. Sean calls for an escort. "Preferably a redhead," he says. "Mature would be ideal as well. Old enough to be someone's mom." But then Brie shows up at his door. "Mrs. Daniels!" he says. He knows her? "What are you doing here?" "You did ask for a mature redhead, didn't you?" she says. "Is this what you've been doing all these years?" He's her son's friend. She's wanted him for a long time. He's wanted her, too, but he never imagined it would actually happen. "You're even bigger than I hoped," Brie says between sucks of his cock and licks of his balls. And before long, he's fucking her hairy pussy and cumming in her mouth. "I think most people who know me would be stunned to see me in porn, even though they might have suspected all along that I would have a great time at it," Brie said. "Yes, I'm the woman-next-door, but I'm always the first with a sexy joke or sexual innuendo. I did all the family things and now I get to do the me thing."
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"Hi, guys, it's me, Lola Paradise again. Today I will be like a...slut," lovely Lola says with a shake of her huge, beautiful tits and a sly smile. Lola's said that her favorite kind of foreplay is playing the slut in the bedroom. Sexy, natural and sweet, Lola always looks like she's having big fun on-camera, and in this video, she's having a ball trying on sexy clothing. Excited Lola tries on different outfits in this scene. Party dresses and high heels, body stockings, see-through tops, fishnet teddies and other hot outfits for special occasions. Her lush body is perfect for showing off in these erotic outfits and she loves this kind of dress-up play. Lola's also brought her thick toy to play with after her XL Girls fashion show. "My boobies are named Lola and Paradise. I named them when I started modeling. I love big cleavage. The bigger the better. I am satisfied that my boobies make cocks hard." Lola named her breasts well. Life with her is true paradise. Every man should have a Lola Paradise at home.
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"I want you to spank me," Kim Velez says in Spanish. "And treat me like a bad girl." Sounds like a plan. "I am very hot," Kim murmurs, taking off her clothing. That's the best way to cool off. Kim had a breast growth spurt before we shot her scenes this time. The braces are gone and she has several tats now. "It's hard for me to find clothing now that my boobs are bigger. I haven't weighed my boobs yet. I have never thought about weighing them. Guys don't ask me how heavy they are. They usually ask for the size of my areolae or what my measurements are." After doing boob drops, Kim gives herself a pussy wedgie with her panties, rubs her clit and fingers herself while sucking on her nipple. She sighs from the nerve-tingling pleasure.
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Featuring: Lexi Sapphire
Logan is home playing video games when Lexi Sapphire shows up at his door wearing a sexy outfit. It's slit down the side so her legs are exposed from her hips to her toes, and you can tell that she has big tits and a hot body. He's impressed, as he should be. What's this hot MILF doing at his door? He's about to find out. "Recognize me?" Lexi says. "No. Who are you?" he says. "You don't see the resemblance?" she asks. She looks boiling mad, and we're about to find out why. "You know Tiffany whom you've been fucking? I happen to be her mother." "Oh, shit," he says. Yeah, oh, shit. Lexi pushes her way inside. "Now listen and listen good. I don't want you messing with her no more. That's my little girl." And what does he have to say to that? "You're not even wearing any panties." Excellent observation. Sure enough, we can see all the way up to her shaved pussy. And his interest gets her interest. She wants to see why her darling little daughter wants him so much, so she straddles him and takes out his cock. "Now I see what the big deal is," she says stroking his rod. Logan is about to find out that a 49-year-old woman can suck cock and fuck a lot better than her 18-year-old daughter can. That's true 99.99999% of the time (margin of error: +/- 0%). Lexi is divorced. She's a mom. She once had sex with one of her niece's friends. "He was quite a lot younger than me," she said.
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