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Featuring: Natasha Sweet
"I like the feeling when a guy looks at my big breasts and he gets nervous and excited." That comment was made by Natasha Sweet when we first filmed her. Natasha has been missed, so getting a message from her in Italy that she wanted to show her sweet treats was an unexpected great pleasure. The blond hair is a change from the jet-black. She looks spectacular as always and her huge tits never fail to amaze. We welcomed her return and, in addition to this scene, she did a shoot with a stud. "It makes me feel very beautiful from the inside out when I am wanted," Natasha told us. "When I hear a man say that he wants me, this excites me. I like a man to take command. He must be good to me and treat me well. I don't enjoy it when a man pretends to be a challenge. I feel this means he is not sincerely attracted to me." Natasha is not one for game-playing. She prefers the direct approach. "A man must have confidence," Natasha emphasized.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Kourtney Kai
Job: Customer service rep.; Age: 30; Birthdate: May 3; Height: 5'2"; Weight: 115 pounds; Bra Size: 34A; Panties: No thanks; Anal: Are you offering? BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: All the time. Teens are great. Experienced and raunchy MILFs are wonderful. But, there's something exceptional about a woman in her 30s like Kourtney. She's fit, over-the-top horny, well-practiced and knows how to please. "I'm just a horny girl," Kourtney told us. "I masturbate probably too much. I like to use toys, fingers and anal play. I have to get off at least daily. "I used to get dressed up and go on dates," Kourtney told us. "But I'm a tomboy at heart, and I don't like dating too much. Dating apps are great for finding hookups, though. I can hop on, choose a guy, be at his house in a few hours, ride his cock until I cum a few times, then I can go back home, put on my pajamas and watch Netflix." Kourtney is inexperienced in front of the camera but not at showing off. "I love having sex in public and outdoors. I've fucked in dressing rooms, bathrooms, vehicles, on hikes, at the zoo, at the office, at an art museum...lots of places. I already told you that I'm crazy horny. Sometimes, I just can't wait to do it!"
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Anna Beck
Anna Beck, Marina Grey, Nikki Smith, Melonie Max and Nixie Night get the warm oil treatment followed by hot, slippery fucking in this oil-and-sex appreciation video. Their huge tits and asses always need a lot of oil and the gents who have the honors of servicing these slick dolls are happy to give them hands-on satisfaction before dick-down satisfaction. Oiling, breast massaging, boob-banging and fucking: perfection.
From: xlgirls
The great Dominno makes Perry her slave, putting a leash around his neck like a dog and handcuffing him. She wants a slave to obey her without question, eat her pussy and do whatever she wants. Perry's not complaining at all. He's happy to be in Dominno's space because she's a superstar sex-bomb in the Czech Republic. He's watched Dominno's videos and is honored to serve. Dominno offers him her dainty stockinged foot and her shoe to kiss and grovel at. She rubs his junk with her foot and allows him to kiss her big tits. Showing him her female power and seeing him worship her slinky, busty body gives Dominno satisfaction and makes her smile. Kneeling over Perry, Dominno sucks his dick and then lies back so she can have her pussy licked. She gets on top of Perry, sticks his boner in her wet, pink slit and fucks him hard and fast. They fuck sideways for a new sensation and then Dominno gets on her back so he can fuck her big boobs. She spits on his dick for better sliding between her tits. Dominno gets on her knees, her back to Perry. She doesn't need to tell him what to do next. He injects her pussy from behind and gives her the pounding doggie-fuck she wants. Holding on to his leash, Dominno has Perry fuck her in the missionary position. Her pussy is so tight he erupts a massive load. Because he fucked Dominno good, Perry didn't wind up in the doghouse.
From: scoreland

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