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Cheryl Blossom's the ultimate girl-next-door, if the girl-next-door is beautiful and has 38J sweater-stretching breasts. She's on her laptop but we insist on being a distraction. Cheryl stops what she's doing to chat, and to very slowly take off her tight, white shorts and button-down grey top. Unhooking her bra and taking off her panties, Cheryl swings her boobs to demonstrate the physics of breast kinesiology. It's a subject we've traveled the world to study. The action shifts into slow motion for better detailed analysis. Some study the heavenly bodies in space. We study the heavenly bodies on Earth. Cheryl said a webcam model helped her to see that big boobs are beautiful. "Before, I had never heard that from guys or other people. My granny thought that big chests are not beautiful and was always telling me to hide them." Staying naked, Cheryl puts her glasses back on and turns her attention back to her laptop. We're happy to have given her the opportunity to take a break from her studies.
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Featuring: Eva Saldana
What do you get when you bring together a horny 19-year-old girl from the backwoods of Arkansas and a big-dicked horndog? Well, you get porn magic. You can tell that, at first, little Eva is nervous about her first porn scene, but that doesn't last long. Soon she's got her mouth packed with cock and she's got a hand in her panties, rubbing her clit and preparing her hole for that mammoth, meaty monster. And her dark, tanned skin looks good when it's sprayed with hot cum.
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Featuring: Katrin Porto
The look of joy on lovely Katrin Porto's face is priceless when Max wraps her big, soft boobs around his dick, pumps away and pops his nuts like a geyser. Katrin bends her head forward to suck, lick and swallow the cum. But we're getting ahead of this XL Girls episode. It began when Katrin and Max went to a unisex spa. "I love to go to the spa and relax, relax, relax," said Katrin. So this show is set at a spa. Katrin oiled her tits while Max was in the sauna. When he joined Katrin, she wanted to oil him, too. One thing led to another: nipple-sucking; cock-sucking, tit-fucking and pussy-fucking. Katrin is one extremely horny lady and loves to be appreciated by hard men. "It make me feel sexy when a man shows me his gallantry and attentiveness. I love the attention and interest that I see in men's eyes. I think it's about my eyes, charming smile, red hair, big, natural boobs, my 51 inches of tasty booty and my courage, sensuality, charisma."
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Soft and curvy Anna Blaze is seductive yet shy, soft-spoken with a soothing way about her. Wearing a teddy and robe, Anna walks into the bedroom. You've been waiting, thinking about what you'll do to each other. Anna rubs your package, speaking in a whispery, erotic voice, the kind of voice that causes a tingling sensation on a guy's skin and makes him euphoric. Anna could make those ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos that have become popular lately. She rubs your bulge with her hand, then with her 34DDD tits. You touch her breasts, feeling and rubbing the soft flesh and her pointy, hard nipples. Putting a few drops of oil on your hands, you massage her tits and make them shine. Playing with her tits is pure pleasure. Anna takes your boner in her hand and places it between her boobs. She jacks you and gives you a cock-worshiping blow job while making popping sounds. It's Anna's show and now it's time for the main event. She straddles you and sticks your fat-boy up her tight, young pussy. It's time for Anna to ride and grind.
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Featuring: Pleasure Mia
A girl with a name like Pleasure Mia knows how to get a guy off at any time and in any place. "I once fucked a dude in a dressing room at the mall," Pleasure Mia told us. "We pretended he was helping me try something on, but I was really just wearing him out." Pleasure's got sex skills to pay the bills, but we don't think she'll be wearing out our boy John Strange. He's handled--and slayed--several of the thickest bitches you'll ever find. And our boy couldn't be more excited to get his hands on Pleasure. "You like what you see?" Pleasure asks as she strips off her clothes. "Oh yeah," John eagerly responds. "You want to fuck me, then show me," Pleasure responds. And away we go. These two go to work on each other like two bunny rabbits in heat. John can't keep his hands off her and Pleasure can't keep her mouth off his cock. The only solution is for John to stuff his cock deep inside her cunt. That way everyone's happy. Especially John, who shoots his load all over her plump ass.
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Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wife and mom from San Francisco, is in her bedroom, trying on some lingerie. Her hubby hasn't been getting it up these days, and Amanda wants cock, so she figures the best way to get a rise out of him is to dress her sexy body (big tits and all) in the sexiest lingerie she could find. So she tries on one piece of lingerie after another, but what she doesn't know is that she's putting on a show for her daughter's 24-year-old boyfriend. His name is Connor, and he's standing in the doorway to her bedroom, jacking off. The boy HAS HIS COCK IN HIS HANDS and his girlfriend's mom is standing just a few feet away, trying on a tight, sheer, sexy number that really shows off those tits. And then...Mrs. Ryder looks up. "Connor, what are you doing here?" she says. Well, Amanda, he's jacking off, obviously. "Get in here! Why are you here? And your dick's hanging out!" Well, her pussy is out, too, but it is her house. "Yeah. I'm sorry," Connor stammers. "Freak you out?" "No," Amanda says, edging closer. "My daughter's not home, though. She's at work. She's gonna be gone for a few hours, and I don't mind." Amanda shows how much she doesn't mind by sitting in a chair and sucking Connor's cock. "I hope she doesn't find out," he says. "I won't tell her," Amanda says. Unless, of course, she sees this video, in which case Amanda's daughter will see her mom sucking her boyfriend's dick, getting her pussy and asshole eaten, getting fucked in her pussy and ass and getting her face glazed with a big load of cum.
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Featuring: Rebecca Jane Smyth
Rebecca Jane Smyth uses the ol' MILF in distress trick to get her young neighbor over to her place. She tells him her TV needs fixing, but that's not exactly true. Seems Rebecca Jane has fucked her way through almost all of the male occupants of the building. "He's new," she says. "The only one I haven't had." That situation is about to be rectified. Rebecca Jane sucks and fucks his cock, he eats her MILF pussy and then they fuck. And being the good neighbor that she is, Rebecca Jane offers him her asshole, too. Of course, he takes it. Wouldn't you? Rebecca Jane is a 46-year-old MILF from London, England who has never had a job that didn't involve sex. "I have done pretty much everything," she said. "Fucking outside is nice. It's a bit risky when you think you can get caught. I do like doing that. I've shagged in a cinema before because the film was shit, so I had to amuse myself in other ways. The one thing I haven't done is a gangbang film. That's something I would love to do. Lots and lots of guys. As many as possible." About that shagging in the cinema thing...Rebecca Jane actually enjoys going to the movies, not just fucking while they're playing in the background. "I love watching films. When I'm not working, I just like relaxing. Watching films. Listening to music. I really love horror films, mainly vampire and werewolf movies, because I think vampires are so sexy. They're so arrogant!" Rebecca Jane likes "quiet, intimate dates." She's not a swinger, but, she said, "I do have a lot of sex." How much sex? "Three, four, five times a day." Yep, that's a lot!
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Featuring: Africa Sexxx
Our photo team took Africa Sexxx to a ranch where she oiled her show-stopping body and fingered her pussy. Wild horses couldn't drag us away from that sight. XLGirls: What do you consider to be your biggest assets? Africa: I seem to always be able to see a bright side. That doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge the dark, but I seek out the bright to help get me through. Physically, I would have to say my smile and my boobs. XLGirls: What makes you feel sexy? Africa: Makeup, cleavage, thigh highs, garter belts and lingerie. XLGirls: What do you wear or do when you want to feel sexy? Africa: Do my hair, makeup, and nails, and put on lingerie and very tall heels.
From: xlgirls
Billi Bardot. Super-stacked MILF, former exotic dancer and now hot porn star and model. Her agent sent her pictures to SCORE. "I danced on and off for many years. Being a stay-at-home wife and mom, I usually danced during the day while the kids were at school," said Billi. "So the kids were at school and Mommy was getting naked in the strip club. Making a grand then going home and baking cookies and serving dinner and doing the homework and bedtime routine. If people are into that, maybe they'd call me a super MILF." Billi's on a one-woman boob cruise in this video. She peels off her tight white dress, oils her big tits and masturbates on the deck. On the subject of masturbation: "I had to masturbate. If I didn't, my sex life would've been non-existent prior to porn. I usually just lay in my bed naked and stroke my clitoris until I climax. At least once a day. Now, I have sex almost daily, thanks to porn. In my personal life, maybe a few times a week. I definitely prefer daily and multiple times a day when I'm in a relationship." Next: From on-deck to on-dick.
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Featuring: Annabel Redd
You guys are in for a treat. Annabell's debut scene begins with a close up of her pretty face and her smiling at the camera. She has a youthful look because of her braces, but her E-cup tits remind you that she's a natural-born fucktoy. Giggling, Annabell twerks and shows how flexible she is right in the middle of her living room. Check out her slightly hairy cunt and juicy ass.
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Featuring: Natalie Porkman
What have you learned from doing porn? "I've learned that I really like swallowing cum. Before I was just a cum licker. I'd taste it, but I was scared to get it all in my mouth. Now I make sure I swallow every drop. I also like facials. They're almost as satisfying as having my own orgasms. Almost." Natalie is on her own in this video, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying the taste of cum. She diddles her slit and sucks her juices off her fingers. She likes the way her girl goo tastes and masturbates till her fingers are slick and shiny. She cums hard and gets one last lick. If she's this horny for her own cum, imagine how she is with a load of ball batter. Actually, you don't have to imagine. Her XXX action is here on Enjoy!
From: 18eighteen
Featuring: Amanda Ryder
It's time to get to know Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wife and mom from San Francisco. Later this week, Amanda is going to suck and fuck a 24-year-old's cock. Today, we have an interview followed by a hot solo scene in which Amanda shows off her big tits and pretty pussy and fills her asshole with a butt plug. Amanda is a very interesting woman. A very sexual woman. For example, she watches sports but only so she can see the athletes in their tight uniforms. Her favorite TV show is Gilligan's Island because "I would do Ginger and Mary Ann together or separately." Her favorite Hollywood star is Denzel Washington because "he is one fucking sexy man!" She enjoys hiking and sewing. But... "I also enjoy my naughty hobbies, which are blow jobs and getting my pussy stretched. When I'm not working, I'm practicing and experimenting on improving my deep-throating skills, positioning and trying to be the biggest prick tease ever." Basically, most of Amanda's life revolves around sex. "I always dress sexy either at home or when I leave the house," she said. "I wear provocative clothes and have large breasts that I love to tease with." In today's video, Amanda is wearing a tight dress that shows off her big tits, stockings and a garter belt. Underneath, a corset. The woman aims to please. Her aim is dead-on.
From: 50plusmilfs

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