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5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Lola Paradise
Lola Paradise comes home after a long day and the big-titted lady is eager to cum. She's been thinking about this moment all day. Her favorite reading material is already on her bed and hey, it's a copy of Voluptuous magazine, Volume 27 No. 3, which features one of her pictorials. There's also a box of dildos and vibrators on the bed. Lola can't wait to slip out of her tight and sexy day clothes and put on her lingerie. She leaves her black stockings and pumps on, loving how her legs look in them. After showing us her massive breasts and pussy, a look of delight on her face, Lola gets in bed for some fun. Opening the magazine, Lola goes straight to her layout and rubs her tits and pussy as she looks at the photos. She takes the dildo to suck on and the vibrator to fuck her sweet pussy-hole. What horny thoughts are going through her mind? The vibrator makes her body quiver and she screams, the dildo-cock muffling her cries. Lola will sleep well tonight.
From: xlgirls
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Karla
Ah, so it's the ol' hot-mom-fucks-her-son's-best-friend scenario. Happens all the time, right? Wrong. At least we don't think it happens all the time. Who knows? Maybe this happens a million times a day. After all, a mother isn't going to tell her son, "I fucked your best friend today," and a dude isn't going to tell his best friend, "I fucked your mom today." Unless, of course, he wants to get his ass kicked. So here we have Lukas. He's sleeping over at his friend's house. And we also have Karla, who's 45 years old. Her motto is, "If there's cock in the house (and I'm not related to it), I'm going to fuck it." "What're you doing?" Lukas asks when Karla wakes him up with a peek under the sheets. "I don't think we should be doing that." "Don't say nothing," she says. "This is between you and me. I always wanted to fuck you." Lukas gives in pretty easily. Of course, Karla has his cock in her mouth, so...ya know. And by the way, by "I always wanted to fuck you," we presume means "for the past two years." Anyway, Karla...she's from Colombia and now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She's married and in an open relationship. Wide open, from all appearances. Her tits, which Lukas thinks are very nice, are DD-cups. She's a swinger. "I've been a swinger for two years and have had multiple men and women group play at sex parties and clubs." She's a nudist. Sexual fantasies? "I'm living them."
From: 40somethingmag
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Jenni Noble
That's a sexy see-through top Jenni's wearing in this video but not really made for public display unless it's at an adult resort or adult club. What does Jenni wear when meeting friends for party time? "I'll normally wear some fishnets, short-shorts, boots and a revealing top if I'm going out to meet friends for drinks," Jenni Noble said. "I don't have any button-up blouses because they don't stay buttoned. It's hard to find bustiers that fit, even in sex shops. "Bras that fit and really support me used to be hard for me to find. I had to go to specialty stores to get them, so I went through a long time without having properly supportive bras, which caused a lot of pain, and so once I got older and found stores with bras that fit right, I felt a whole lot better and more secure with my body."
From: scoreland
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Clara Red
All of our GILFs are unique, but if you want to categorize them, there are really two types of women who come to to fuck on-camera for all the world to see. There are GILFs like Rita Daniels and Sally D'Angelo, who always dress sexy, love to show off their tits and asses and are very forward about their sexual urges. When you see them walking down the street, you think, "Hot GILF," and if you told someone that they're porn stars, they'd probably say, "I'm not surprised." And then there are GILFs like Bea Cummins, Jewel and Lola Lee. They're beautiful but they're not outwardly forward about their sexuality. When you see them walking down the street, you think, "Sexy granny," and if you told someone they're porn stars, their jaws would drop. Clara Red, a 66-year-old divorcee and mother of two, is in the latter category. And yet, here she is, giving a lucky stud who's half her age the fuck of his life, sucking his cock and balls, taking every inch and every plunge an experienced porn stud can give her. Taking his load all over her big tits. "Monogamy is not for me," said Clara, who's been divorced three times. But porn definitely is. And by the way, she's a swinger, she's been in orgies, she's into men and women and when she goes out, she doesn't wear a bra, letting her big tits hang free. So the difference between women like Clara and women like Rita and Sally? Not very much.
From: 60plusmilfs

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