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Featuring: Charli Adams
When this video opens, Charli Adams is standing in a bedroom. The 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Idaho is wearing a short, tight, red dress that shows a lot of cleavage; her tits are DDD-cups, and they're on display. "Nice of you to join me," she says in her soft, sultry, sexy voice. This woman would be great at phone sex. "I thought maybe we could talk for a while." Talk? "I'm new at this, so forgive me if I seem a little like I don't know what I'm doing," she says. "But you guys will be patient with me, won't you?" Sure. Now get your tits out! Ooops. Sorry about that. "Do you like my dress? I've been told I look good in red. Goes with my blond hair. Matches my big tits, don't you think? If you were in the room with me right now, what would you do with me?" Well, we've got our cocks out, so that's a start. The camera zooms in for a tour of Charli's luscious body. Nice tits. Nice ass. Nice legs. Then Charli takes out a few toys: a small one and a big one. She lies back and rubs the big toy against her big clit. "I have a very tight pussy," she says. "I don't know if I can take a big cock. Do you want me to try? I don't know if I can get it in." SPOILER ALERT! Charli does get that big toy deep inside her pussy. She fucks herself with it until she cums. Clearly, Charli has come a long way from her life as a Mormon wife married to a guy who was wound a bit too tight. "I was very conservative," Charli said. "I didn't know anything other than the way I was raised. Missionary position. Sex maybe once a week. Every husband I had was the same way. Nothing out of the norm. They didn't try anything, and it was frustrating to me because I just knew, 'There's gotta be more to this.'" There's a lot more to Charli, and here she is.
From: 50plusmilfs
Camilla is horny. She says so at the start of this video. She's dressed for sex in a bra, panties, stockings, a garter belt and heels. She looks good enough to fuck. "Do you like my outfit?" this 46-year-old divorcee and mom from England asks. Damn right we do! "It makes these look even bigger," she says, bunching up her tits. And they're big to begin with. Then she rubs her pussy and handles her tits, making herself even hornier. Her pussy is very wet. She tells us that, too. She takes off her bra and licks her nipples. Don't you wish it was you licking her nipples? She talks dirty, telling you about the big, fat cock that she wants between her tits. She shows off her ass, which is big and round, and shoves a finger inside her cunt. She licks the pussy juices off her finger, tells you how good it tastes, lies back and diddles and fingers herself until she cums. "That was very intense," Camilla tells her videographer after she's cum and cum and cum. Then, totally naked, she sits down for an interview. So this is a little backwards: First you watch a woman cum then you find out all about her. But it works for us.
From: 40somethingmag
Featuring: Simone Ray
Simone Ray is your fantasy mistress because she likes to dress up in expensive lingerie and put on a slow soles strip tease for your throbbing cock. She starts off rubbing her gloves all over her gams, takes one strappy heel off and then makes you wait, teasing and playing with her shoes and toes because she knows how badly you want it. You'll love the closeups of her wrinkled soles and her feet. Once she removes her shoes, the straps leave marks on her legs. She wants you to ease the sting of them with your tongue. One long and languid striptease later and she's stuffing her juicy slit with a dildo, curling her toes for you and begging you to cum on her feet. It's quite the show. Then she rubs her pussy juice all over her toes so you can lick it off. What a nice mistress indeed.
From: legsex
Featuring: Antica
The lovely Antica couldn't be happier to flaunt her 38G-cuppers for you. Decked out in a tight, red dress, Antica struts her stuff before unveiling her heavy boobs. This bra show is the perfect tease. Her naughty dancing leaves us craving all of her curves, and her breasts stretching each bra is among a boob-lover's favorite sights. Yeah, she's a bit naughty, but we know Santa won't be leaving any coal in her stocking. "I can be a little shy at times," Antica said. "But I can also be very assertive. It depends on the man I'm with. I do like when a man takes control." She's a classy gal, too. Antica enjoys dinner by candlelight, but if you can take her on an adventure that would be even better. "I love to be with a lovely man," she said. "I enjoy doing things with them that are unintended and not ordinary. Make things exciting for me." Antica is the one making things exciting for us. And we can't wait to see more of her.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Jasmine Shiraz
As our SCORE Theater video opens, the camera focuses on a close-up of a girl's chest in a tight, purple top pulling out two big, big, beautiful tits. She rubs and kneads them as the camera moves up to show the face of Jasmine Shiraz. Does New Jersey seem to have an above-average concentration of hot chicks? It would seem so. Jasmine can suck her own nipples easily. She does that back home. She's in the group of elite girls who can perform that difficult feat. What did Jasmine think of nude modeling? Was it what she thought it would be? "It's different. It's been good. It's been interesting. I like trying new things. I guess I feel confident enough now where I felt I could give it a shot. I think that comes with being a little older. When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do it, even though I thought about it. I've always liked to show off my boobs." Ta-tas out, Jasmine bends over and lets her tits dangle, swing and hang. Follow those bouncing boobs as they shake, quake and sway. Jasmine's bra try-out is next. Now you will know what it's like being in a lingerie store dressing room with her as she shops for bras. Which bra does she look the hottest in? Check out her back cleavage as she turns around. Check out her shapely ass cheeks as she offers her butt. She has a running conversation with the video director. Jasmine seductively lies back on the bed and removes her tiny purple thong panties. Her neatly trimmed hair is like a crown adorning her pretty, thick-lipped pussy. Her fingers massage and reach inside. What did she think guys were going to do while they watched her? "They're going to jerk off," Jasmine said. Is that a good thing? "Yes. They should! I mean, that's what they're there for. That's one of the reasons I wanted to pose."
From: scoreland
Featuring: Leka
Occupation: Teacher; Age: 34; Born: February 16; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 123 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Cotton; Anal: Go slowly; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Once a week. Leka is a cutie with a hairy snatch and adorable freckles. She contacted us because her boyfriend mentioned that we love bush, something she had never seen in a magazine before. "To be honest," she shared, "I was kind of shocked to see hairy pussies in porn. It's just not very common." "I hated anal until my boyfriend bought me a plug. Now, if we feel like doing it in the butt, I pop my plug in before we fool around. I'll suck his cock and he'll eat me out, then it's much easier for him to slide into me. "I adore having a bush, and I can't imagine ever shaving or waxing. For summertime, I'll shave my thighs so my beaver doesn't peek out the sides of my bikini, but that's about all I do for maintenance. It's all about the natural look!"
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Marilyn White
Marilyn White has a leak in her basement so she calls a plumbing service. The Two Tonys show up and Marilyn describes the problem. They offer to fix Marilyn's leak. That the yummy XL Girl has huge "melon-bags," as Tony 1 calls them, is an inducement to help her. Marilyn says she's going upstairs to see if she can afford the job and leaves to check her finances. The Two Tonys in the basement inspect the damage. They hear a noise upstairs and rush up to investigate thinking something bad has happened. Little do they know. When they get upstairs, they find Marilyn has taken her skirt off and is fingering her pie on the couch. Startled and embarrassed, Marilyn stops what she's doing. But the guys are pleased and they're ready to service her. Marilyn explains that she was turned on by the thought of them in her house and she couldn't help it. She needed to cum thinking about them. Then she asks them if they want to "help her out." Help Marilyn out? She's hot, pretty and has big boobs. Who would turn down this unexpected opportunity? They each suck a nipple and finger Marilyn's increasingly wet pussy. Any leaks are promptly forgotten. The Two Tonys pull out their cocks and feed them to Marilyn. She opens her mouth wide and they take turns sliding their sausages into her throat. They've found their customer of the month!
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Brandy Dean
It's been several years since Brandy and her bouncing boobs visited The SCORE Group. She was Busty 'N' Wet fucking at poolside. She played poker and got poked for it. And there's more of Brandy pole vaulting on her Model Directory page. Brandy was away too long. She aims to fix that. "I stay in contact with my fans," Brandy said in a new video interview. "People email me, and a lot of them have been saying, 'When are you going to shoot again?' and I thought, 'Now's the time.' The fans made me start realizing I missed it, so I thought, 'Okay, let's go back and do it again.'" Decked out in a purple bra and panties, Brandy wastes no time climbing in bed to give Tony her bulging bazooms to bury his face in and suck on. The redhead from Ohio likes to have her body worshipped and plenty of attention paid to her 36DDD tits before she reaches out for the cock and goes deep. She purrs and coos like the girl-next-door sex kitten she's known as. Tony's hard wood hits all of Brandy's sweet spots in missionary, doggie and girl-on-top and she gives as good as she gets. Brandy knows everything about tit-sex, cock sucking and fuck positions. No one can teach this busty redhead anything about rack-riding and there's nothing tame about her game. With all that, Brandy never loses her Midwest, corn-fed, wholesome vibe. She still looks like the farmer's daughter. And you know what? Every guy thinks about the farmer's daughter. Welcome back, Brandy Dean.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Merilyn Sakova
Before every photo shoot, Merilyn took a bath, and she had a shower afterwards. This bikini scene made that a part of the video. Merilyn made toy play a part of many of her videos and her web cam shows. There isn't a toy made that she probably didn't try or at least know about. "It does not get very hot in the Ukraine during summer but still more and more girls there wear such sexy bikinis," Merilyn said. "I would wear this bikini on a hot beach in The Bahamas!"
From: scoreland
Bras are a challenge for SCORE Girls. Finding them, fitting into them, buying them. Katy Ann shows us what it would be like to be in the dressing room with her while she tries on different styles. She wears a 30J-cup and she more than fills those cups. "It is so hard to go to a department store, and the ladies who work there, I feel like they're uncomfortable," said Katy Ann. "They'll see my boobs and stare at me with their mouths wide open. 'Uh, uhhh...' Having breasts this big calls for custom bras because I have a small band and pretty gigantic cups. A lot of department stores don't carry that. I haven't gotten any bras from overseas, but I do prefer custom bras. I can buy them off the rack but I need to get measured. I just can't go on Amazon unless I've been pre-measured by that brand and have bought that bra." We'd be saying "Uh, uhhh" with open mouths also but for different reasons. There's a good chance you may be saying that as you watch Katy Ann in this bra and masturbation video.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Morgan Monroe
Now, finally, we get to see Morgan Monroe suck and fuck. She had already gotten started in the interview, which kind of got out of hand, so that explains why the guy's cock is out and Morgan is stroking it when the scene begins. It also explains why Morgan's tits are out. Then Morgan goes to work on his cock, although work is probably the wrong word. She enjoys giving head. And then it's fucking time, and Morgan fucks hard, slamming her ass against the dude's thighs while he porks her 47-year-old cunt. This all ends with Morgan stroking his jizz onto her face and proclaiming, "Oh, I love your fucking cock." There is nothing shy about this divorcee from Florida. Nothing hesitant about this woman who says she was shy until she turned 40. Very obviously, she's not shy anymore.
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Barbie Crystal
Barbie Crystal gives Tyler's cock the kind of treatment fit for a king. Her mouth, cleavage, pussy and butthole get him spurting like a geyser on her huge tits. "I'm passive," Barbie said. "I like rough and hard sex. My favorite position is doggie-style. Nipple play drives me crazy. I like a man who loves to suck nipples." Barbie guides Tyler's cock into her tight ass as she lays on her side. Tyler holds her leg up to keep her spread-eagle. She opens her pussy and fingers her pink while he thrusts in and out of her butt. Barbie's face and cries tell the whole story. "I get a lot of attention because of my chest. I love it. It makes me feel desirable and powerful. I was very excited watching Tyler cum all over my boobs. His cum tasted good too."
From: xlgirls

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