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It's workout time for the sexy and statuesque Cameron Skye. Now, Cameron could join a fitness center but she'd be getting hit on constantly by horny guys so it's better for her to workout at home. She has a personal trainer to help her out with different positions. Allow us to show you a typical training day when Jay Crew assists Cameron at As you can see, Jay provides a hands-on approach and Cameron provides the delicious body to get hands-on with. Even wearing only booty shorts and a lightweight top, Cameron gets hot, so she first removes her top and then her shorts during her workout. Jay also gets overheated training with Cameron so he drops his shorts too. This is an invitation for Cameron to taste Jay's dick, then suck it hands-free and wedge it between her breasts for a titty-fuck. She turns around to show Jay how nice her ass has gotten from all these workout sessions. He shows his admiration by fucking her from behind. After he licks Cameron's pussy, they're ready for the next workout position. That would be Cameron getting fucked in missionary with her bare feet raised high. Cameron has always been an athlete. She swims, runs and works out. "I have strong legs. I love to lift weights and stuff. I like to be strong. I think my boobs are so noticeable that most people just don't come up to me and say, 'Hey, you have great legs.' It's usually, 'Wow, I can't believe how big your boobs are!'"
From: xlgirls
While businessman Steve Q. is in bed reading the newspaper, his special secretary with benefits, Jessica "Jessy Bunny" Bunnington is at the desk going over his itinerary. Jessica gently reminds Steve that he has upcoming meetings and also that he's not wearing any pants. Steve is not interested in his meetings. He looks over Jessica and all he can think about is getting down with this young and big-boobed hottie. They kiss, and then he has Jessica sit on the desk so he can lick, suck and kiss her pierced nipples. Working his way down her young, tight, fresh body, Steve licks Jessica's sweet-tasting pussy, sucks on her pussy lips and sticks a finger in deep. They lip-lock some more. Steve's moves have made Jessica ready and eager to be penetrated by cock. He fucks her as she sits on the desk. Not getting enough of her pussy, Steve eats Jessica out again. It's time for a softer surface. Jessica sits on the edge of the bed so Steve can fuck her big tits and stuff her wet, hungry mouth with dick. She gets on top of Steve and lowers her lithe body on top of his pole, feeling the cock deeply fill her pussy. Jessica bounces hard and fast, riding Steve like he's a mechanical bull ride. Jessica is no novice at sex even though she's new at making sex videos. Jessica gets on her knees, her pert little ass up. Steve licks her butthole and pussy, then slips his cock into her pussy and gives her a hard fucking and again after he places her on her back. The intense look on Jessica's face says it all.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Candace Von
Candace, you told us years ago that your ass was off limits, right? "Yes, I did, and it is still off limits. But that doesn't mean that I don't want it played with a little! [Laughs.] I have a newfound appreciation for ass play. I never knew that so many guys were into pleasing booty, but I am glad that I found out because I love sitting on a man's face and taking a ride on his wet tongue!" You like it when they toss that salad? "Yes! But only if I can plant my ass cheeks on his face. It's fucking hot and empowering to tell a man to eat your ass out and then smother his face with your booty. It's nasty and horny. I'll ride a man's face and play with my clit until I cum. And when I cum, I grind my ass on his tongue and I scream, 'Taste all that brown sugar, baby!'"
From: bootyliciousmag
Nicky just broke up with his girlfriend and is looking for a new place to live, but what he's really looking at is his realtor, Amanda Remington, especially when she takes off her jacket. She's wearing a very sheer shirt with no bra, and Nicky's eyes practically pop out of their sockets at the sight of her big tits and hard nipples. "Maybe you won't be single for long," Amanda says. By the way, dressing like this is very common among realtors in Miami, Florida, although Amanda might be taking it to a whole new level. Then she bends over and it turns out she isn't wearing panties, either. "Do you like what you see?" Amanda asks. "Did you notice I don't have a bra on?" How could he miss it? Suddenly, she's more interested in him than in renting him a house, and he's more interested in how she's built (like a brickhouse) than how the house is built. "I think I picked the right realtor," he says. Damn right he did. Amanda is 48 years old. She's a mom from Florida, and this is her first time fucking on-camera. "I like a nice-sized cock, that's for sure," she said. We like a MILF with nice-sized tits and ass, that's for sure. "I enjoy the thought of almost being caught having sex but making the person that saw wonder if it was actually what was happening," Amanda said. There's no question about what's happening here. Amanda is sucking cock and fucking. She takes the dude's load all over her tits. And she rented him the house!
From: 40somethingmag

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