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3.5/5 Stars
Featuring: Eva Notty
The action begins with chesty Eva Notty standing against a curtain. Eva's wearing a sheer white top and she's making her nipples stick out by handling her boobs; rubbing, squeezing and bouncing them. She walks over to the bed and sits next to Commando, who's been enjoying her show. Eva begins handling her great tits again. Mr. Cock takes over the breast-kneading, which we now see in point-of-view. Eva has explained that her breasts are extremely sensitive and that touching them floods her body with pleasure. She sits on top of Commando, rubbing her pussy against his groin. Eva takes his cock in her hand, spits on the shaft and begins jerking his boner. Her mouth is so close to his cock, it looks like she'll lick it at any second. Eva lowers her head and rubs her cheeks and chin against his cock. She encases his meat completely between her tits. Eva switches positions so he can see her masturbate while she jacks him off. This also allows him to play with her big tits. Eva turns around so her butt cheeks can be enjoyed while she continues stroking. It's time to really fuck her tits, so Eva gets on her back in the best boob-sex position and pushes her knockers together so Mr. Cock can hump her hooters fast. Eva squeezes her tits together harder to add to the friction and makes his nut-bomb detonate. She excitedly watches the goo squirt on her tits and rubs it in with a satisfied sigh.
From: scoreland
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Honey Hayes
Job: Student; Age: 20; Birthdate: January 17; Height: 5'3"; Weight: 118 pounds; Bra Size: 34C; Panties: Lace; Anal: Licking is cool; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I love doing it; Lives: Miami, Florida. Honey is bright and bushy-tailed and ready to show off her big pierced tits and get her hairy pussy plowed! "I'm super excited to take on a big one," she blushed before her fuck scene started. "I'm not usually a size queen, but sometimes I just crave a thick cock." There's no hiding the fact that Honey looks young. "It kinda sucks, though," she said. "I'm attracted to older guys, but it's hard to get them to pay attention to me. But one time, I picked up this guy in his 40s and rented a hotel room for us to fuck in. A few months later, I walked into my freshman economics classroom and he was the professor! "I don't mind waxing or shaving my pussy, but it's not my favorite thing to do. I like having a little bit of hair down there. I've gone down on girls with bushes, and it's kind of awesome how you can smell their shampoo while you're sucking their clit. I imagine it's the same thing for guys. I don't like hairless men for exactly the same reason."
From: naughtymag
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Laura Tithapia
Laura Tithapia has a busy morning planned for Tom Holland. He's still sleeping when Laura walks into the bedroom carrying a breakfast tray. She wants to energize her squeeze before their day begins. Laura is a very sexy sight for a man to see when he wakes up. Tom takes a bite of the prepared breakfast, gives Laura a taste, and then puts the tray away to lock lips with her. He wants her big tits for breastfast, not food. While he rubs and sucks her nipples, Laura pulls his cock, feeling it harden in her soft hands. Tom straddles Laura and fucks her heavy boobs for the first time. She sucks on the tip of his sausage when it travels through her titty-tunnel and reaches her mouth. Then she gets on top of Tom to throat him and rub his dick on her soft breasts. Laura surrenders her panties and gets on her knees and hands ready to get fucked from behind and have her video virginity taken. Tom fills her pussy with his hard meat, busting her on-camera cherry. He lifts her leg up so he can pound her sideways and then places her on her back for more. Laura cums while riding his cock.
From: xlgirls
0.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Winter Rae
Babelicious bra-buster Winter Rae has a new, sexy stripper/bimbo outfit she wants to model. Lacy, black and sheer. Great for dancing and great for getting impaled by a hard dick. Every piece of clothing Winter owns is sexy. Said Winter, "My entire wardrobe emphasizes my breasts: Low-cut shirts, crop tops, halter tops and skintight thin dresses that show off all the goods." Winter doesn't know you all that well, so she slips a rubber on your cock after making it rigid with her pretty mouth and talented tongue. Whether she's under you or on top of you, Winter loves to vigorously pump and grind that dick and make a lot of noise. Winter for the win again. She thanks you for cumming all over her after you pull off the glove.
From: scoreland

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