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Featuring: Alexis Starr
"The men I love have two eyes, a heartbeat and a stiff cock," said Alexis Starr, a 46-year-old mother, grandmother and divorcee from London, England. Alexis is a skinny little fuck toy with blond hair and big tits. Her waist is so tiny, it's easy to imagine wrapping your hands around it, picking her up and lowering her onto your cock. You could probably fuck her for hours like that. She also has a pierced pussy. Here, she plays with that pussy and spreads it wide for your viewing and jacking pleasure. Alexis has been a stripper and an escort, which doesn't surprise us at all. She isn't a swinger, which does surprise us. But she's intrigued by the swinging lifestyle. Again, not surprised. "I work with rescue dogs and fix their problems," Alexis said. Hey, we're dirty dogs. Can she fix our problems? Indeed, she can. You see, right now, we have a problem with our hard-ons. The problem is that they need to be relieved. Stroking one out to Alexis should do the trick. Favorite soccer/football team: Tottenham Hotspur. How she dresses in public: "Elegant. I love to wear long leather boots with a stylish coat and very little underneath." Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here, showing off her hot body and fucking hung porn studs? "Not at all. I'm a self-confessed exhibitionist." And here she is, exhibiting herself for all the world to see.
From: 40somethingmag
Featuring: Lacy
"You naughty boy, looking at me with your hard cock," 52-year-old Lacy Cummings says at the start of this video. "I can't wait to play with you. Making me so wet and horny for you. I can tell you're so horny for me. I can tell your cock is getting hard. I just want to reach over and touch it so bad." You're gonna want to touch Lacy. This tall, slim, long-legged blonde divorcee is wearing a short skirt, low-cut top, fishnet stockings and high heels. She invites you to jack off to her while she gets herself off. But there's one condition. "Don't cum too fast for me," she says. Later in the video, Lacy takes off her shoes so we can see her pretty feet. Then she takes out an old-fashioned vibe, buzzes her pussy and tells you to "keep stroking it." You can do that for her, can't you? And later, just before the end, just when she's about to cum, she says, "I want you to cum." We're sure you can do that, too. "I have three kids and two grandchildren," Lacy said. She gives massages in Las Vegas, where she lives. She used to be a dental assistant. She goes to swingers clubs for fun. And when we asked her about her sexual fantasies, she said, "I have so many. "The younger guys are always looking at me. There's something about a mature woman that they are really attracted to that makes them wild and submissive to me." There's definitely something about Lacy.
From: 50plusmilfs
Featuring: Natasha Sweet
And now for Natasha Sweet's hardcore debut. We knew she was hot. Now we know how hot Natasha is. Spending the day at a spa, Natasha is decked out in a neon green bra and panties, her spectacular, natural tits looking like they could bend her bra hooks. They probably do. She enters the sauna and wets herself down with a squirt gun. Steve enters the sauna area and reclines on a lounger right outside the sauna room. Natasha checks him out and her sauna session loses importance. She opens the door and picks up a bottle of baby oil, signaling him that she needs his hands to rub some oil into her supple skin. To make her point as clear as a blue sky, she rubs some oil on her big tits. Her next step would be to fire a flare gun to show him how horny she is. Steve's been with SCORELAND a good five years and he knows to help a beautiful SCORELAND Girl who's having an oil crisis. He unhooks her bra and Natasha's world-class boobs fall out of the cups. Getting turned on from her oily back rub, Natasha reaches behind for his poker. He forgets her back and works on her front. Her hooters, now shining, overflow in his palms. It's too hot to have fun in the sauna so they get busy right outside it. Natasha drops to her knees and, squeezing her national treasures together gives him a simultaneous tit-fucking and cock sucking. She licks his cock and ball sack like it's an ice cream cone. Natasha lies on the lounger, pressing her tits against her chest. Steve spreads her legs wide and buries his face in her pussy to give her the horny tongue-lashing she rightfully deserves. When the brunette brickhouse explodes, the time is right to slip her the boner. They fuck and when he feels himself about to bust a nut, Natasha takes his cock in her hand and jerks him, covering her pussy with his cum. Now it's time for them to work up a sweat of a different kind in that sauna.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Jessie Andrews
In part 1 of this scene, Jessie and Megan are splashing around in a pool with their two guy friends. They're feeling frisky, and things quickly escalate into a topless chicken fight. If there's one thing we know about pool parties, it's that once the tits are out, it's not long before cocks come out. That's exactly what happens with Jessie and her guy. She starts sucking him and riding him while Megan and her man watch in the background. "Dirty slut!" Megan shouts playfully. Jessie doesn't deny it. In fact, she owns it as she unabashedly fucks this guy in the pool. The pair make waves as they bump and grind in the shallow end. Stay tuned for part 2, where Megan has her turn in a voyeuristic pool fuck.
From: 18eighteen

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