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Featuring: Anabela
In case you're wondering how you can become a professional porn stud, we're about to share an industry secret. You have to bring a girl with you to your audition. That's what Alex did, and it got him his first on-camera fuck scene. See, the world is full of guys who think they can do the job, but only a few men have the right stuff. If you have a girl willing to be shot on-camera for producers, then companies get to see what skills you have without having to find, hire, fly to set and shoot a brand-new amateur model. Of course, it helps if your companion is as enthusiastic about raunchy sex as Anabela. She's a true freak who wanted her friend to get his dream job, so she took his fat cock up her tight ass with a smile on her face. Now that's a friend! Let's be honest. Anabela is the true star here. We begin this scene with her lying on the bed, looking sexy and getting her pussy nice and juicy. She pulls down her thong in order to slide a butt plug in her pristine asshole. By the time Alex shows up and starts using the toy to fuck her butt, she's practically gagging for his cock. She doesn't even want him to start off in her cunt. She needs him in her ass ASAP.
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Minka
It's bikini day for the amazin' Minka. Wow! is the word. Minka no longer dances at strip clubs. The big-bust circuit that supported so many famous dancers is gone. Minka remembers the first time she danced in a club. "It was in New York. The club was New York Dolls. I didn't have any costumes. I was wearing Army clothes. Simple. But the men threw more money! The first time I was on stage, I was very nervous because so many people were watching, plus I didn't know when to take off my clothes. So I started throwing off my clothes, and every guy was holding money, so I collected the money! That's it! "I danced for four songs. I had to wear a G-string. Just topless. I would take tips between my boobs. A little trick I got from Lisa Lipps and Casey James was sometimes the guy would hold the money in his mouth, and I would take it from him by squeezing my boobs together. And I would always make eye contact with every man. They were horny! The hornier they were, the more money came out. I liked it. Make a man horny? I like it. Because of the look in their eyes. Look at Tiger Woods. It doesn't matter how much money a man has, his brain is not up here. A man's brain is down there. "My costumes were very nice. A lot of sparkle, a lot of color. But the men didn't care about my costumes. They cared about my boobs and my nipples. They'd never seen such big nipples! And they're pink. Very big. Very sensitive. "Funny story: One time I tried to go upside-down on the pole and I thought, 'I'm gonna die!' I'm not joking! I lost my balance, and after that, I never did it again."
From: scoreland
Featuring: Anastasia Knight
Would you look at this acrobatic lil' fucker? Anastasia bounces on that dick like it's a fucking Pogo stick. She's 5'4" tall, weighs a scant 105 pounds and shouldn't be able to take a dick like J-Mac's in her snug pussy, but she somehow manages. "I'm into stretching my pussy as much as possible," Anastasia told us. "It always hurts a little at first, but then I get into it and the pain mixes with the pleasure and it drives me nuts. My ex used to fist me. He started with three fingers one time and I don't know what got into my head, but I told him to try more. He licked my clit with his entire hand inside me and I started gushing all over the bed. I got cum drunk for the first time. I didn't know where I was or what happened for about five minutes after that orgasm!" Anastasia doesn't just love dick. "Of course I'm bisexual," she informed us. "I have had a few girlfriends. I love girls. I love their boobs and pussy. I especially love the way girls convulse and moan when they squirt and cum. It sends my pussy into instant-orgasm mode."
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Angellyne Hart
Big girl Angellyne Hart toys herself with a gigantic dildo in this down and dirty scene. Steve Q. watches Angellyne masturbate and helps Angellyne out, pumping her pussy with the dildo. He takes it out and gives it to her to suck on and taste her own juice. Giving Angellyne a hand, Steve finger-bangs her, gives her his dick to slurp on and pounds her hard in different positions. When Angellyne lets him know that she's ready for his cum load by sticking her tongue out, Steve jacks off in her face. Angellyne knows what men want: blow jobs, tit-bangs, and to fuck her fat pussy and cum on her huge breasts or her face. "Sometimes when I have sex, my big breasts bounce around so much that I have to hold them down. If not, they might hit the man in the face!" said Angellyne in Czech.
From: xlgirls

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