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Featuring: Camille
Camille flashes a sweet smile while running her hands over her flat chest. Soon, she reveals another pair of sweet lips. Between her legs and inside pink cotton panties, Camille has an immaculate innie pussy. Her puffy outer lips are cleaved by a perfect slit, and her fuckhole is framed by her tiny, neat inner labia. This petite teen moans as she fingers her shaved pussy. Would she rather have a cock? Sure, but she's still going to make the most out of her diddle session. She's already hot and horny with just a finger buried to the second knuckle. We can only imagine how she'd react with a hard cock bottoming out in her pussy. Camille enjoys her naked body and tight holes. Now it's your turn.
From: 18eighteen
Featuring: Cheryl Blossom
We join beautiful and talented Cheryl Blossom as she webcams in her bedroom and shows off the mind-blowing body and huge, phenomenal boobs that have made her a super-natural star and covergirl. She takes her right breast out of her bra, pops her finger in her mouth to wet it and rubs her nipple, then takes out the left breast. Cheryl jiggles, shakes and bounces those twin treasures, digging her fingers into her soft breast-flesh and clapping her tits together. The bra restricts her movements so she takes it off, then pulls down her tight, black one-piece. Squeezing a clear toy between her tits, she tongues a nipple. Cheryl gets on her back and continues licking her nipple, playing with the toy between her boobs. Then tossing the toy on the bed, she pulls off her one-piece and returns to kneading and squeezing her huge hooters. Even a bra malfunction doesn't hinder this incredible girl.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Sweetie Care
A stroll is more than a stroll when Sweetie Care goes out for a stroll. It's a breast-shaking, boob-trembling, tit-jiggling strut for anyone who sees her walking. A parade of female pulchritude. Striding confidently along the street, shoulders swinging carefree from side-to-side, Sweetie is enjoying the day. Her blouse is unbuttoned just enough to show lots of cleavage. Sweetie's next-door neighbor Jason sees Sweetie passing by him to go home and calls out to her. Sweetie turns and asks him if he'd like to come with her. They walk back to her place and head straight to the bedroom. Sweetie gets into bed and Jason immediately goes for Sweetie's large tits from behind her, filling his palms with that sweet, sweet breast-flesh. He wraps his arms under her boobs and shakes Sweetie so he can see the flesh melons bounce and jiggle. With Sweetie now naked in heels, Jason maneuvers Sweetie so she's on her hands and knees, tits dangling and fills her wet mouth with cock. Sweetie makes murmurs of satisfaction as Jason pumps her throat. Turning Sweetie around so that her big, juicy ass is before him to admire, Jason thrusts into her pink pussy and gives her the first fuck from behind before changing up their positions. There's a lot of Sweetie to savor and dick-down and he aims to satisfy her.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Sylvia Kay
In her first-ever scene at, 40-year-old divorcee and mom Sylvia Kay is dressed for the occasion (kind of) in a short, black, sexy dress. But we don't see much of that dress because when the scene opens, she has her dress hiked up and her legs spread while she rubs her pussy through her panties. Then she takes down her top so we can see her big, fake tits. They're very nice. So are her long, thin, shapely legs. Then her guy shows up to help her out. She pulls aside her panties so he can help her rub her pussy. Did she need help? Who knows, but she enjoys the attention. He slides a finger deep inside her cunt, and whaddya know? She's very wet. He eats her pussy. It's a very nice pussy. It's not only been shaved but waxed, too. "I wanted to make sure my pussy looked good for my scene," Sylvia said. "That's important to me." We get great views of Sylvia's pussy while she's sucking cock and licking balls. The lucky dude fucks her in missionary and doggy-style. She takes a break to suck her pussy juices off his dick before remounting it reverse-cowgirl, and we're looking up while that big cock pounds her pussy and her big tits jiggle. When he can't hold back any longer, she opens her mouth for his cum. Were you satisfied, Sylvia? "Yes, very," she said. As for the guy...well, that's obvious.
From: 40somethingmag

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