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In this blast from the past, now streaming at for the first time, Helena, a 48-year-old hot-body from The Netherlands, shows off her deep-throat blow job skills and gets her tight pussy fucked deep and hard. It's amazing that this guy lasted past the blow job. When he fucks Helena's face, his balls push against her lips. They 69, and again, it's amazing he doesn't shoot his load in her mouth right then and there. He finally does, of course, after he's enjoyed her MILF pussy every which way. Helena was living in San Diego, California when this scene was shot. She's been a model. She's been an executive assistant. Sexual fantasy: "A girl licking me." Kinkiest sexual encounter: "In L.A. with two men. One fucked my pussy while the other fucked my throat. I deep-throated them both, one after the other, and they both came in my pussy. It was hot!"
From: 40somethingmag
Anna loves anal. In less than two minutes, this guy has his tongue on her backdoor pucker, and she's in heaven. He slides a finger in her ass to give us a preview of what's to cum. Dirty little slut that she is, Anna sucks his finger after it's been in her butt--also a preview of what's to cum. These two don't waste any time. The guy starts working a toy into Anna's asshole to prepare it for his cock. It slides in easily and Anna moans. Her ass is prepped for penetration, but her pussy could use some love too, so Anna hops on top to ride her guy. A few minutes of good ol' fashioned POV penetration and she's eager to move onto anal. Anna takes it in the ass and shows us how it gapes when her guy pulls his cock out. Her hole is deep and tight; she can take him balls-deep and we see how tightly her ass grips his dick as he thrusts. Anna is such a dirty slut she even takes his dick from ass to pussy and ass to mouth. We weren't kidding when we said Anna loves anal.
From: 18eighteen
Featuring: Brie Daniels
Is it hot to watch a woman as she does the dishes? It is when that woman is 58-year-old divorcee Brie Daniels and she's doing the dishes while wearing heels and a sheer nightgown. You know what else is sexy? Watching that woman shining the knobs-we're talking about the knobs on the cabinet-then rubbing her body while she looks out a window at the construction guys working down below. So much for housework. Brie is going to work on herself for a little while. She's going to take out her toys and fuck her hairy pussy. Judging by this scene, it's amazing that she gets any work done around the house. "I think most people who know me would be stunned to see me in porn, even though they might have suspected all along that I would have a great time at it," said Brie, who's a mother and grand mother. "Yes, I'm the woman-next-door, but I'm always the first with a sexy joke or sexual innuendo." Good news! Later this week, Brie, our newest MILF, is going to fuck on-camera for the second time. But today, we have her all to ourselves. Brie was born in Washington State and lives in Clearwater, Florida. "I had fantasized about doing porn my whole life," Brie said. "I had fantasies in the back of my mind, but I was always a little prudish and didn't want to tell anyone what my fantasies were, so I didn't tell anyone what I wanted to do." More about Brie: "I would love to travel to Florence, Italy and Paris for the art museums and architecture." A man can get her attention by "being kind, respectful and only having eyes for me when I'm in the room. And also to be a little sexually dominant." Taking her out on a date? "I like a nice, quiet dinner with great conversation. That goes a long way for me." And then you'll find out how far Brie will far as you'd like!
From: 50plusmilfs
Coming to, showing off her hot body and fucking on-camera a time or two doesn't make a woman a porn star, but there's no doubt that 49-year-old Lexi Sapphire could be one if she wanted. She's a sexy, beautiful blonde with a tight body, big, fake, tan-lined tits and luxurious hair. Today, we have solo photos and video of this horny divorcee, mother and grandmother as she models sexy lingerie, spreads her legs and uses her fingers to make herself cum. Thursday, Lexi fucks on-camera for only the second time. Naturally, the first time was with us. She knows what she's doing. After all, she's a mature, experienced woman. And she has watched porn a time or two. "I'm not going to lie, I have watched it," Lexi said. "Do I watch a lot? No. Sometimes it just gets you in the mood. In a hectic life of a mother and all these things, and the everyday life hustle and bustle, sometimes you're not in the mood and it puts you in the mood." All about Lexi... • She likes comedy and crime shows. "My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock." • Her dream car is a Tesla or an Escalade. • She swims and dances. She actually used to be an exotic dancer. "I'm a New England Patriots fan but I'm not that much into sports." • "I like shopping, dancing, swimming in my pool and going to the gym." • She was born in Ohio, grew up in Italy and lives in Florida. • Panties? "Yes! Cheeky or thongs. And I like my lingerie." • Lexi's bucket list: "I'd like to travel more to exotic countries and possibly jump out of a plane. I would also like to have my own business some day. I would like my own night club." Judging from what we've seen, Lexi would be the star.
From: 40somethingmag

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