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Featuring: Roxi Red
Now you can rub down Roxi Red on a massage table in a virtual video where you're the masseur. And much more. Sound like a plan? Roxi gets on her tummy. She's just wearing a bra and panties. They slip off really easy. Roxi says you can take her bra off. She's very accommodating. You work on her back first, oiling her up. Roxi flips over and--whoa!--her titanic twins splay. Seeing is believing. A giant wouldn't have big enough hands to completely palm those sucklers. They're beyond belief. But they are real, incredibly real. You oil them up and massage the stuff in well. Roxi's panties are in the way. They come off really easy too. You move to the head of the table to massage Roxi's big supernatural tits from another angle and that's where she reaches for your dick. She's purring like cat-woman. Once that happens, you're on top of her in a flash, your cock totally buried in her deeper-than-deep cleavage. After you've fucked each other like crazy on the massage table, you nut her massive mams. Roxi thanks you for that. That girl is so polite and sweet.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Harley Ann
Harley Ann has it all. Soft curves, 40DD tits, and she even dabbles in a little bit of mixology. Her customer is going to give her much more than just a tip or the tip of his cock to thank Harley for providing him with a great view of her plump body and a stiff drink. He's going to give her every inch of his cock. And he's going to fuck her mouth, tits and cunt, too. That's just what the busty bartender ordered! After some teasing, Harley eagerly stuffs the stiff meat into her hungry mouth and gives him a sloppy blowjob. Harley lubes the cock perfectly for her plump cunt, and he slides it right in when they're ready to fuck. The bed is shaking, and Harley's moans grow with each of his thrusts into her. "Yeah, fuck me," she repeats. "You fuck me so good." There's only one way to fuck a girl this hot, this plump and this horny. Hard and with everything you have. You treat her like your new favorite fuck doll. "Yeah, pull my hair," Harley moans as he tugs on her red locks and fills her with cock. "Yeah, fill that pussy." Fuck sessions this hot and this hard only conclude with the greatest of climaxes. Harley's face is left drenched in man juice, and she smacks her lips as she laps it up.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Lia Ezra
Lives: East Tampa, Florida; Occupation: Mass communications student; Age: 19; Born: October 24; Ht: 5'3"; Wt: 113 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Cotton or none; Anal: It's great; BJs: Swallow of course; Diddle: Not very often. "I've had lezzie sex a few times," admitted Lia. "I loved licking and fingering the other girl's pussy and getting her off and having the same done to me. Those orgasms felt different to when I cum when I'm fucking. Not better, just different. I'd really like to have a threesome with my guy and another girl 'cause I'd love to watch him doing her and have him screwing me while I'm eating her out. I actually have a girl in mind. We haven't fooled around, but I know that she's up for almost anything when it comes to sex. She thinks my guy's hot and I know he thinks that she's hot, too. I know my boyfriend would be up for it." Check out her photos, too.
From: naughtymag
Colombian superstars of breasts and booties Kim Velez and Sofia Damon spend the day together to enjoy the sun, the pool and their time together wearing their American flag thong bikinis. Kim and Sofia are the incredible pair. "What a lovely day," bouncy Kim says. "Hello, friend, how are you? I was waiting for you." "Hello, my friend," Sofia replies. "I came to spend an afternoon in the pool." Kim hands Sofia a glass. "I have a glass of wine for you. The wine that you like so much." Sofia toasts her friend and us. "Cheers, friend, for us being together and because it's a wonderful day." It's a sizzler of a day and it's going to get hotter. The girls step into the pool and bust out in a spontaneous round of jumping and bouncing. The bikinis come off quickly. They basically fall off their luscious, voluptuous bodies. Kim sucks on Sofia's tits, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. The girls use their time in the pool to put on a practical demonstration of the laws of floating breasts and buoyancy. Archimedes would have approved and applauded. When they leave the pool, it's on to more fun and games for our two amigas, including with big toys, which they stick in deep.
From: scoreland

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