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4.4/5 Stars
Featuring: Nikki Smith
As Nikki Smith's booty call checks out her spectacularly sexy XLGirls body killing a dental floss suit, he thinks Nikki looks fit to be tied. Miss Smith's high heels push her plush tush out even more and enhance her curves. He sticks a ball gag in her sexy mouth and shows her the ropes. His philosophy is walk softly and carry a big paddle for huge-chested girls. XLGirls usually doesn't get wrapped up in the BDSM scene--it's not our thing--but since Nikki told the editors that she's into bondage in her sex life, the studio thought they'd try some experimentation with this willing subject as a prelude to a carnal coupling. Does Nikki Smith look hot bound, gagged and helpless with a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes? We think so. Most BDSM isn't about sex, though, but here at XLGirls, the bondage thing can only go so far before some good ol'-fashioned fucking breaks out. Miss Smith's sexy and all that with a ball gag in her mouth but gagging on a hard cock in her mouth is more fun, and Nikki would agree if she could speak. So, Nikki's date does the gentlemanly thing and unties her so he can fuck her after removing the gag and feeding her his stiff wood. Seeing her in action, it's obvious that she loves fucking much more than getting into a tight bind.
From: xlgirls
4.9/5 Stars
Featuring: Daylene Rio
Who better to teach Spanish than this sexy damsel? Miss Daylene Rio, SCORE Girl and part-time Spanish language instructor in an adult education class, is trying to tutor a guy who has other things on his mind. These things include Miss Rio's whopping blouse mountains, her jutting bubble butt and her cock-sucking lips, plus her beautiful face and shapely legs. Who the fuck can concentrate on any subject with an instructor like this? During a private Spanish lesson, student Johnny loses his mind and makes a grab for her ass cheeks and her big boobs. Miss Rio is shocked at his delinquent behavior but not so shocked that she doesn't cave in to her own horny desires. Before she can say, "Class dismissed," her thick nipples are being sucked and her heavy tits fucked right there by her desk. Throwing caution (and her skirt, low-cut top, bra, heels and panties) to the wind, Miss Rio finds her hot hole getting finger-banged. There goes the Spanish lesson out the window. Daylene drops to her knees and, her massive, naked tits dangling and hanging free, feasts on Johnny's extra-large enchilada, trying to stuff as much as she can into her hungry mouth. She squeezes her heavy pillows together--with his cock in the middle--one of her favorite things to do for a guy. If his cock were a tube of toothpaste, every speck would have been squeezed out. Daylene gets on her desk for her first dose of hard wood in her pussy, and by the time her boob-shaking fuck class ends with a splash, they'll have fucked on the floor, fucked standing up and fucked on a chair. He even picks Miss Rio up and carry-fucks her. Looks like he's getting an A and a gold star from Miss Rio. When the teacher is stacked and hot Daylene, who would not want to be her #1 pupil? This student has taught the teacher a few tricks!
From: scoreland
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Selena Adams
Selena Adams checks out her sexy body in the bedroom mirror. Selena likes how her sweet big tits and equally sweet ass look in her new dress, which is designed to reveal lots of cleavage. Selena's waiting for her girlfriends to pick her up so they can go out for brunch at some swanky South Beach restaurant, turn a lot of heads and make traffic slow down. A Miami girl, Selena is excited to hit the town and feels herself getting wet and tingly. While she waits for her girls to call and tell her they're ready, she feels the urge to cum. She takes off her dress and thong panties and gets into bed for a quickie. Reaching behind a pillow, Selena takes out a big fuck-toy and pumps her creamy, pretty pussy. A lot of girls shop for their bedroom sets at stores that include sex toys as free accessories. As horny with breast play as she is twerking her sexy ass, Selena goes deep with her cock-shaped dildo. Her pussy is soaked and creamy as she fucks herself in different positions and cums with a contented sigh. Just in time, too, because her girls will be coming soon...but not the way Selena just came.
From: scoreland
5.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Casca Akashova
Casca Akashova shows again why she is the all-star sex-bomb of sex-bombs. When she puts on her skimpy bikini that shows more tits and ass than it covers, Casca is ready for poolside action. Wearing high heels, Casca parades by the pool with a bottle of oil. She's looking for a guy with good hands to grease her up and down. Berry is in the pool. Since he's the only guy there, when Casca sees him, she zeroes in on him to be her oil boy. Casca asks him to come out of the pool and help her out. He couldn't possibly say no to a sexy, pretty woman like this...but, astonishingly, he tries to beg off. Casca does not take no for an answer, especially from men. She insists he oil her hot, busty body. When Berry gets out of the pool, Casca sees why he was reluctant. He has a boner. And Casca is responsible! Yes, it's all her fault. Remember when you had a sexy-looking teacher or classmate in school and prayed you wouldn't be asked to stand-up because you had a hard-on? The same principles are in effect here. When Casca sees Berry's stiff pole, she puts the oiling she wanted on hold and takes his cock in her hand. She walks him by his dick into her apartment so she can stuff that sucker down her sweet, sweet throat, get fucked hard between her big tits and have her Casca coochie impaled. Berry is her fuck-boy for the afternoon, and her talented throat and pussy make him coocoo for Casca.
From: 40somethingmag

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