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Featuring: Whitney Stevens
Whitney Stevens brought her car to a mechanic for repairs, and now she swivels and bounces into the shop to pick it up. When he hands her the bill, she tells him she can't afford what he's charging. Now, Whitney is a girl who can wrap any man around her little finger and wrap her big tits around any cock. She offers to barter the bill down. Whitney is fine with getting her clothes off in the middle of a garage, no matter who else is around. She shows him her big tits. The mechanic tells her he can lower the bill if she fucks him. "Oh no, I'm not going to fuck you," Whitney replies. "Whadda ya gonna do?" he asks her. "I can give you a hand job and fuck you with my tits." In other words, a five-fingered discount. Deal. Whiney sits on the mechanic, her tits out of her top and bra, and starts on her lube job. She's been trained to work with big tools herself. She pauses to stand up by the hood of the car and gets her shorts and tank top off to show him her superb chassis, rear bumpers and large headlights. Then she resumes her lube job, and it's a lengthy one. Whitney never skimps on full-service.
From: scoreland
Brooklyn Springvalley is wearing a bikini and shorts when she walks up the stairs to the bedroom. There are several monokinis on the bed that she is going to try on. As Brooklyn puts on each one and checks out how it looks on her superstacked body and megaboobs, she gives her opinion about it. Which one would she wear to the beach? As you know, someone is always hiding a sex toy behind our model's pillow, and this time, it's a dick-shaped dildo that Brooklyn sucks and plugs herself with after she puts on the last monokini. SCORELAND: So, Brooklyn, are any big-bust models, present or past, an inspiration to you? Brooklyn: Past: Tiffany Towers, Pandora Peaks, Angelique Dos Santos. Present: Heather Harmon, Ariane Saint-Amour, Juliette Michele, Anastasiya Berthier. SCORELAND: Do you drive? Do seat belts fit you comfortably? Brooklyn: I drive, and I use an additional buckle I picked up on Amazon to keep the belt in the right place. Otherwise, it tries to slide up and strangle me. SCORELAND: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Brooklyn: Superpowers, boobs I can change the size of at will and for dogs to have human lifespans. SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked? Brooklyn: Sometimes I'll cook or watch TV in nothing but pasties and underwear. But only if it's warm enough. SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it? Brooklyn: All the time. I pat them and squeeze them.
From: scoreland
Making her first visit to, Czech plumper MILF Lea doesn't just sit around and wait for her fuck partner Patrick to get on-set and give her the dick. She squeezes her big, fat tits and rubs and fingers her nipples. Just as impatient Lea is licking her fingers and rubbing her thick pussy lips, Patrick shows up already hard, waving his boner hands-free at her. She smiles and immediately gives his cock a tongue bath, licking and sucking it, sometimes hands-free, sometimes holding it in her hand, and licking his bloated balls. Patrick said he loves heavy, older women with large tits because they're grateful and show their appreciation. Patrick shows Lea some appreciation by eating her pussy and sticking a finger in before he slides his dick into her already wet hole and deep-fucks her. Lea seemed to really like this guy's cock because between positions, she wanted it back in her throat. In Czech, Lea told the photographer that she didn't know how thick he was and he really stretched her pussy when it was inside her. She wanted to know if he made house calls.
From: xlgirls
Casca Akashova is off to visit her sister, Daisy. A hottie who knows how to dress to impress, Casca wears a body-clinging tube dress that shows acres of cleavage and high heels...because a horny girl never knows whom she'll want to seduce. Daisy's husband Nicky Rebel is home alone watching a game show on TV when Casca knocks on the door. He wasn't expecting anyone and no one's phoned, so it's a good thing he wasn't jacking off to a SCORE DVD. When he opens the door and sees his beautiful, blonde sister-in-law Casca standing there in all of her glory, Nicky immediately becomes boob drunk. The kind of guy who talks to a busty girl's tits, Nicky tells Casca her sister isn't home and lets her in so she can wait. That's a big mistake, depending on your point-of-view. Nicky was in trouble the second he opened the door. Casca is known for getting any man she sets her sights on. This guy is putty in her hands. He shows Casca the house and they wind up in the bedroom, naturally. That's exactly where the busty vixen wanted to go when she learned her sister wasn't home. She pushes her brother-in-law onto the bed and pulls his pants off. Casca likes to live dangerously. If her sister walks in on them in her bed, there will be hell to pay. Not bothering to get undressed, Casca sucks his dick to find out how it tastes. Once he passes her dick taste test, she has him take off her dress, bra and panties. Blinded by her big boobs, Nicky will do anything Casca wants. He eats out her shaved pussy and finger-bangs her. That sends the shock waves Casca loves through her shapely body. Casca squeezes her breasts together to make a boob-pussy and tit-fucks him, sucks his dick and tickles his balls. Nicky lies back so Casca can mount him and ride. His cock easily slips into Casca's wet pussy and they begin fucking, only thinking about their pleasure. Resisting this man-eater is futile.
From: scoreland

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