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Featuring: Sylvia Kay
In her first-ever scene at, 40-year-old divorcee and mom Sylvia Kay is dressed for the occasion (kind of) in a short, black, sexy dress. But we don't see much of that dress because when the scene opens, she has her dress hiked up and her legs spread while she rubs her pussy through her panties. Then she takes down her top so we can see her big, fake tits. They're very nice. So are her long, thin, shapely legs. Then her guy shows up to help her out. She pulls aside her panties so he can help her rub her pussy. Did she need help? Who knows, but she enjoys the attention. He slides a finger deep inside her cunt, and whaddya know? She's very wet. He eats her pussy. It's a very nice pussy. It's not only been shaved but waxed, too. "I wanted to make sure my pussy looked good for my scene," Sylvia said. "That's important to me." We get great views of Sylvia's pussy while she's sucking cock and licking balls. The lucky dude fucks her in missionary and doggy-style. She takes a break to suck her pussy juices off his dick before remounting it reverse-cowgirl, and we're looking up while that big cock pounds her pussy and her big tits jiggle. When he can't hold back any longer, she opens her mouth for his cum. Were you satisfied, Sylvia? "Yes, very," she said. As for the guy...well, that's obvious.
From: 40somethingmag
Featuring: Anastasia L'Amour
Anastasia L'Amour enjoys her private pleasures in the privacy of a sunlight garden. You're invited. "What makes me extra horny are feeling sexy, getting dolled up to the nines, and a very handsome guy who compliments me and treats me like a queen," Anastasia said in an interview. "Basically, everything to me personally has to do with communication. I totally try my best to separate my personal life from my career as an adult actress because most men think that my career is my everyday life and that isn't the case with me personally. "The best compliment I have ever received was being called the most-beautiful woman he has ever seen before. I have to have a career with a job that I absolutely love and wake up every morning happy with, where I'm excited to travel back to LA for my next filming date or next photo shoot. I could have used my real estate broker license a long time ago, but I knew I wasn't happy!"
From: scoreland
Featuring: Ivanna Lace
The very talented and lovely Ivanna Lace gives you the guided tour of her place and of her beautiful, plush bod. Miss Lace is really great with a video camera, just one of her many skills. She shows us her kitchen and then invites us to watch her shower. This is an offer no man can refuse, especially since Ivanna takes a very erotic shower, playing with those tits we all love so much. After Ivanna dries off, she invites us to her bedroom and it's not to watch television. Ivanna's shower didn't cool her down a bit. Her big boobs quivering, she fingers and tickles her pussy first and follows up with a hot toy fuck. One of the most-popular girls at XL Girls, Ivanna's very hospitable and seeing her at home is a special treat. Here's a girl who can charm the birds out of the trees.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Alicia Williams
Standing just 5'2" and weighing 89 pounds, Alicia is a tiny cutie with an outsized sex drive. She's not currently enrolled in school, but she has plenty of time to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. She's only 18, after all. Alicia has been a non-virgin for just under a year, but in that time she has discovered what she likes. "I like it when the guy fucks me hard and fast. It usually makes me cum, and even when it doesn't, it feels fucking amazing." You know what you can do for Alicia? She's never had a guy give her an orgasm by eating her out. "My boyfriend never tries that hard when he's down there," she explained. "I really want to cum while a guy is licking and kissing my clit."
From: naughtymag

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