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Featuring: Selena Adams
Selena Adams enters the bedroom and the first thing she wants to do is show us how her sexy bra and thong panties look on her beautiful body. If anyone is the ultimate Miami hottie, Selena is that girl. There's someone in bed who's going to help Selena demonstrate her blow job and tit-fucking skills. Whoever it is is no dummy. Selena gets into bed, a smile on her gorgeous face. She rubs the bulge and says in a breathy, whispery bedroom voice, "I love the way it bulges out like that." She takes the imitation cock out of the fly to suck, lick and kiss it. When Selena gives a boyfriend a blow job, she makes love to his cock and shows how she does it. Selena says she likes to begin slowly and seductively, a mix of tease, denial and edging. "I like to almost make out with it," Selena purrs. It must be a real struggle not to pop quickly, the way she tongues, kisses and licks. Selena sucks faster and deeper, making choking sounds. She spits all over it and strokes it. So now we can see what her blow jobs and hand jobs are like. Getting it halfway down her throat makes her gag a bit. After taking off her bra, Selena taps her breasts with the head of the cock. She keeps stroking and spitting on it then says she wants to do some titty-fucking. Selena places it between her big tits and moves up and down, holding her boobs. Wetting it some more, Selena stands over it and lowers herself down on the pole, wedging it into her pussy. It goes in deep. Selena fucks it in a reverse cowgirl at first, facing the camera, and then reverses her position. It spurts all over her succulent tits after Selena does one final jerk-job.
From: scoreland
When we look at Julia Mendoza and girls like her over nearly thirty years, we realize there is a Santa Claus and he's the founder of The SCORE Group. Julia knows how to dress her big tits and big ass. Look at her wiggling and jiggling in a pair of tight shorts and cleavage-exposing top. This is paradise, and when she takes them off to show every inch of her juicy bod, she's even more of a heavenly sight. "I get many guys looking at me up and down," Julia teased. "When I'm walking down the street. When I am in my tight clothes. When I move my breasts. When I was in school and I worked out and my breasts bounced, I noticed that my classmates were staring at me. I liked that a lot. "And since I was a teen, I liked that everyone looked at me a lot. If I had to choose a favorite part of my body, I would really choose my breasts. Because they are something that not every girl has the pleasure of having. And especially because I love to be seen. I like that people enjoy these big breasts."
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Diana Eisley
When you give a sweet, innocent-looking, young girl-next-door with mouthwatering boobs and a creamy, sexy body a bunch of tight, low-cut tops for her birthday, it's not really for her. It's for you so you can have the pleasure of watching her try them on. After the busty fashion show, Diana Eisley wants to reward you for your attention and thoughtfulness...and also because she loves the cock and says she's a size queen. So just lie back and enjoy the ride while she enjoys the ride. Diana has the situation well in hand. She won't be pulling your leg. She has a job for you. A blow job and a hand job. That leads to driving your skin bus between Diana's natural twin peaks followed by piping her pretty pussy. There is no better way to enjoy the afternoon. "After getting used to how big JMac's dick was, I enjoyed it, actually," Diana informed us. "The meat makes a lot of difference. The motion obviously also can make a difference because the guy who can fuck well is great, but I do like the thought of, 'I just took this giant dick in my pussy. Hot!'" You see, that's all we are to girls, sausages with legs.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Dede Lopez
Here at BootyLicious we like to work hard and play hard. Most of the time, we like to do both at the same time. Especially when our favorite Latina Dede swings by our shop after a long day at work. We always try to lay down that good dick for her perfect pussy right then and there. "We don't have time to fuck," Dede Lopez says as she teases the camera with her ass and tight pussy. "But you can watch me play. I can't wait to see the real thing later." We're usually the type of dudes who don't like to wait, but when a chick looks this good, we'll bide our time with fantasizing about taking big bites out of Dede's phat apple bottom. And we've gotta admit, while Dede's ass is a definite must-smash, watching her slide a dildo in and out of her tight, wet pussy is enough to make us drop several nuts, too. Sort of like must-see, must-jack TV. "Oh, this is my favorite toy," she says. "I'm gonna come so hard for you with it." When she finally does cum, she does it by slipping her fat dildo in and out of her dripping, wet cunt. And she does all this while perched on a rim. "Oh, I got cum all over it," she says. That's all right, Dede. That's our favorite type of rim job.
From: bootyliciousmag

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