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Bras are a challenge for SCORE Girls. Finding them, fitting into them, buying them. Katy Ann shows us what it would be like to be in the dressing room with her while she tries on different styles. She wears a 30J-cup and she more than fills those cups. "It is so hard to go to a department store, and the ladies who work there, I feel like they're uncomfortable," said Katy Ann. "They'll see my boobs and stare at me with their mouths wide open. 'Uh, uhhh...' Having breasts this big calls for custom bras because I have a small band and pretty gigantic cups. A lot of department stores don't carry that. I haven't gotten any bras from overseas, but I do prefer custom bras. I can buy them off the rack but I need to get measured. I just can't go on Amazon unless I've been pre-measured by that brand and have bought that bra." We'd be saying "Uh, uhhh" with open mouths also but for different reasons. There's a good chance you may be saying that as you watch Katy Ann in this bra and masturbation video.
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Featuring: Morgan Monroe
Now, finally, we get to see Morgan Monroe suck and fuck. She had already gotten started in the interview, which kind of got out of hand, so that explains why the guy's cock is out and Morgan is stroking it when the scene begins. It also explains why Morgan's tits are out. Then Morgan goes to work on his cock, although work is probably the wrong word. She enjoys giving head. And then it's fucking time, and Morgan fucks hard, slamming her ass against the dude's thighs while he porks her 47-year-old cunt. This all ends with Morgan stroking his jizz onto her face and proclaiming, "Oh, I love your fucking cock." There is nothing shy about this divorcee from Florida. Nothing hesitant about this woman who says she was shy until she turned 40. Very obviously, she's not shy anymore.
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Featuring: Barbie Crystal
Barbie Crystal gives Tyler's cock the kind of treatment fit for a king. Her mouth, cleavage, pussy and butthole get him spurting like a geyser on her huge tits. "I'm passive," Barbie said. "I like rough and hard sex. My favorite position is doggie-style. Nipple play drives me crazy. I like a man who loves to suck nipples." Barbie guides Tyler's cock into her tight ass as she lays on her side. Tyler holds her leg up to keep her spread-eagle. She opens her pussy and fingers her pink while he thrusts in and out of her butt. Barbie's face and cries tell the whole story. "I get a lot of attention because of my chest. I love it. It makes me feel desirable and powerful. I was very excited watching Tyler cum all over my boobs. His cum tasted good too."
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Featuring: Alexsis Faye
Alexsis Faye wore the tightest skirt and the tightest button-down top to show off her shapely body and get this party started. We spoke to Alexsis who'd just returned from a holiday. No question she was the center of attention. SCORELAND: Alexsis, do you have any funny habits? Alexsis: Licking my lips while buying groceries. When an ex-boyfriend annoys me I slap him with my boobs on his face. Collecting shoes from each country I visit. Another guilty pleasure is collecting tins of coloring pencils and even quill pens. SCORELAND: What kind of clothing did you like to wear as a teenager? Alexsis: I was a punk rock kid so mostly very tight, black jeans with safety pins and black tight shirts with my favorite bands on them and lots of skate shoes. Now I dress more sexy than that. SCORELAND: You certainly do! Do you rub lotion on your breasts daily or nightly? Alexsis: Oh, more than one time a day. I use a bottle of oil every week on my boobs. SCORELAND: Do you wear any tops that stimulate your nipples because of the fabric? Alexsis: Satin tops make that happen. SCORELAND: Which one of your recent photo shoots was your favorite? Alexsis: Can't they all be my favorite? If I would have to pick one, it would be this one with the white top and red skirt. I felt very sexy and I couldn't stop posing for Michael the photographer. After the shooting, I went to the mall and bought the same top so I can feel that sexy at home too.
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Featuring: Lana Sky
Lana Sky likes to stay active. She ran cross-country and track in high school and doesn't mind getting out with the boys and playing a little beach football. Of course, she likes to keep her mouth busy, too. "I love to have cock in my mouth," she says. These words are music to any man's ears, and when you see Lana go to work on a cock, you know she's telling the truth. Lana says she likes to be assertive sexually, but she also likes a man who will put her in her place and leave her dripping. "I love a man who can dominate me," she said. "I want him to make me beg for more. I want him to make me work my pussy for him."
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Featuring: Cheryl Blossom
It's time to rise and shine with Cheryl Blossom. It's not easy to get out of bed with Cheryl lying there in her bra and panties but there are things to do. It takes a while for Cheryl to get the dream dust off of her. Cheryl gets naked and spends some quality time in bed before getting up and going to the bathroom to prepare for the day. Watch and enjoy as she gets ready to leave the apartment. "I really prefer to sleep without a bra," Cheryl said. "Sometimes if I lie in bed all day long when I watch anime or play my guitar, I don't wear a bra and set my breasts free." You won't catch Cheryl sunbathing or on a tanning bed. She keeps her beautiful skin creamy. "I try to avoid the sun, so I think if you saw me outside in the summer, I would have something with long sleeves, and maybe you wouldn't see me at all when the sun is out."
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Featuring: Tammy Jean
In this scene, 44-year-old Tammy Jean is an art teacher, and she's not an easy "A." This teacher is tough! One of her students shows up late, and she gives him the what-for and tells him to sit down. She's walking around with a pointer, flicking it all over the place, but she has another pair of pointers: her big tits. Teacher Tammy is a redhead, and she's definitely fiery. The truth is, she's not very nice. She really bosses these guys around. Then one of them draws a picture of her boobs. These students don't know much, but they do know that they like teacher's tits, which are really popping out of her top. Nice cleavage, Teach. Then she unbuttons her top so they can see more. And that's when Tammy loosens up and the fun starts. Turns out she is an easy "A"...if "A" is for ass. The guys suck teacher's tits, then she sucks their cocks, kneeling in the middle, sucking one then the other. They fuck her pussy and ass, and then they mount her for a hard DP session. Yep, Tammy Jean is getting DP'd in her very first fuck at, and she ends up with a big load in her mouth and on her face, dripping down her chin and onto her tits. Tammy is from the Czech Republic. She's a nurse and a camgirl. She's a divorcee and a mom. She has sex at least twice a day, often with much-younger men. She's had sex in public places. She's a rising porn star. She definitely got a rise out of Matt and Max.
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Featuring: Addie Andrews
Occupation: Magician's assistant; Age: 29; Born: October 1; Ht: 5'8"; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Anything lacy; Anal: Not my favorite; BJs: Swallow if you want; Masturbate: Who doesn't? You might think that we're shitting you when we say that she's a magician's assistant, but we promise we're not. "I do a show with a 105-year-old woman. I have to squeeze into a tiny, little box with her and then swap places in under 30 seconds. When I emerge, I play her younger, more-glamourous, beauty-queen self." So much for not giving away the trick, Addie! Unlike most of the show-offs we feature in our mags, Addie isn't an exhibitionist, but that doesn't mean that she's not adventurous. "I think a lot of public nudity is unfair to the people who don't want to see that shit. It's about respect. But if I'm with a guy and he wants to fuck in front of his friends, I'll give it a shot. The closest I ever got to public sex was when I fucked my old boyfriend in a classroom. It kinda felt like a church because I went to a private Christian university."
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Rita Daniels is celebrating her 69th birthday and her 10th year with and, and she's invited three guys to her party. They're all young, one of them has a big, black cock, and they sing "Happy Birthday" to her. But she doesn't want cake. "I think I need to put that on some of your cocks and suck it up," she says. "I hope you like some meat with your cake," one of the guys says. Yep. Rita likes meat. Loves it, in fact: one in her mouth, one in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time. Rita's celebrating her 69th/10th with her first air-tight scene and the first air-tight scene we've ever shot. "I am bringing 69 back," she says. Can you believe this hot, sexy mother and grandmother will turn 70 next year? "I say it and I can't wrap my mind around it," Rita said. "I don't feel 70 and I don't feel like I look 70. They say, at a certain age, women just stop caring about themselves and stop getting horny. I wonder what age that might be?" For Rita, that age is definitely not 69. "Oh, gosh, I don't have an expiration date. There's nowhere on my body where it says 'Best if used by,' so just keeping using me."
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Codi Vore wants to know what you think of her clothing choice. "I picked this out just for you," Codi said in her sexy voice. Her big tits can easily fall out of her top with some shaking. Codi gets naked on a couch in the garden to enjoy her magnificent breasts and rub her bushy pussy to a loud orgasm. That's not enough. She needs more so Codi walks into the house to continue her pleasuring as she spreads her pussy lips and fingers her pink. "I get the most attention from women, especially if I go to parties or clubs. A lot of times girls will be the ones who come up to me and say, 'Oh my gosh, your boobs are really big!' or they'll poke them or grab them, and it's very funny. Girls totally don't have boundaries when it comes to boobs."
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Featuring: Candy White
Candy is your cheerleader fantasy come true. She's blonde. She's tight. And she loves to suck and fuck. She's having fun with her guy in this scene, swallowing him deep and then getting on all fours to let him pound her pink, meaty pussy. If you're a fan of cheerleader outfits, Candy keeps hers on for a bit. She even has her skirt hiked up while she's getting dicked in doggie-style. Once she takes it off, we get to see her tight pussy and cute, little asshole bounce up and down as she rides this cock. Like a good cheerleader slut, she takes his load all over face. Because Candy wouldn't want it any other way.
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In her first video at, 44-year-old divorcee and mom Tammy Jean sucks on her DD-cup naturals and fucks herself with a dildo so big, we have to wonder how she got it inside her pussy. But she did, and she deserves props for that, just as she deserves props for what she's going to do later this week: get DP'd by two hung studs. But let's stay focused on what's happening today: red-haired Tammy Jean drooling all over her rock-hard nipples; Tammy Jean twerking her ass and proudly showing off her tight fuck holes; Tammy Jean wrapping her tits around that big, black fuck toy and fucking her pussy with it; Tammy Jean smiling wide after she's had a good cum and we've watched. This woman is definitely worth a jack or two. Or three or four or a dozen. Tammy likes "intelligent, sexy men with big hearts and big cocks." She has two kids: a 17-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. They don't know what Mom is doing here. She loves to suck cock. She loves cum. "Sperm," as she calls it. She proves that when she jacks both guys' loads onto her face in Thursday's DP video. Ah, but we're getting ahead of ourselves again. There's plenty to enjoy in this video.
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