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Featuring: Peyton Thomas
Peyton Thomas has bought some sweaters, but she may have overestimated their fit. She's a very special girl with an extra-special chest. Peyton wants to try them on in case she has to return some. Ever the gentleman, Carlos offers to help Peyton try to squeeze her massive mams into them. The fun is in the trying. The first two don't make the grade. The front-buttoning cardigans would pop open. Besides, they can't button them anyway. The third is a pink pullover. It's a tight fit, but it gets over her mounds and looks great. Helping Peyton out with this happy task results in wood. Peyton rode his rod before in "Shower Fuck" and is ready for an encore. The shower was slippery but fun. This time, they do the screw on a comfy couch. Peyton is enthusiastic, vocal and eager to taste and ride his pole for round two. She's a girl who takes things into her own hands. And after they hump, she jacks his jizz all over her 40N-cup love melons. With a girl like this, even the simple act of trying on tight sweaters inspires an extreme case of the hornies!
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Abby
Abby is from Northern California. She's visiting South Florida because it's a hotbed for Samba dancing, which she's been practicing for a few years now. She's never taken naked pictures before, but now that she's down here in our backyard, she's decided to spread her twat on-camera. Our camera guy tried his best to get some information out of Abby, but you can tell by her body language that she's too nervous to share too much. That's okay. We're only going to make you wait a couple of minutes before letting you see Abby strip down and finger herself to a big orgasm.
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Harmony White
Voluptuous Girl Harmony White is a stacked, pretty bartender turned stacked, pretty webcam model. She has tasty cakes that dangle beautifully. Looks like an apple pie babe? You wouldn't think so to gaze at her peaches-and-cream look. She is all that, but she's also a girl who is very freaky-deaky behind closed doors as she reveals in her chat before she sexes it up when the stud arrives. All lush curves and soft skin, Harmony says she's a screamer, and she is not kidding because she lets loose a continuous barrage of window-rattling screams when she gets filled with the big cock.
From: scoreland
Featuring: Savannah Steele
Savannah Steele is a divorcee and mom of two from South Carolina. She measures 34DD-24-34, stands 5'1" and weighs 123 pounds. She used to work in a doctor's office. Now she does horny webcam and videos "I am very bisexual, and once I got divorced, I only had sex with other women for about two years," Savannah said. "Most people I know have a good idea of what I do and know I have a wild side. When I go out, I dress in sexy, low-cut tops, short skirts and high heels. Always heels. I like dates that end with amazing sex." When Tony Rubino sees Savannah at poolside wearing a hot pink monokini, he must fuck her, and that he does after oiling her body and copping feels of her soft skin. Savannah gives him a dick-worshipping blow job fit for a sultan and spreads her legs open. After they fuck like horny teens, Tony shoots his nut into Savannah's waiting open mouth.
From: scoreland

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