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Featuring: Eliza Kelay
"I'm in my sexual prime and I want to take advantage of that by having lots of hot sex," said Eliza Kelay, a 40-year-old wife and mom from Ohio. Eliza isn't having sex today (she's fucked three times at, but she is getting off. She's wearing a tight little dress that looks great on her tight little body. Bra. Cleavage. Thong panties. Ass cheeks. And, then, pussy, which she fingers until she cums. Eliza used to be a math teacher. She was also a dispatcher for a trucking company. Favorite sports: Kayaking and swimming. She enjoys watching baseball and college football. Hobbies: "I love to read and study history. I also love to do anything outdoors." Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here? "Oh my god, yes! I'm a quiet housewife." She's using her fingers her, but she loves to get off with her Hitachi Magic Wand. She loves having her pussy eaten. She has a very nice pussy. Actually, Eliza has very nice everything.
From: 40somethingmag
Wearing a tight yellow dress, Miosotis dances seductively, running her hands over her KKK-cup naturals. The sea looks beautiful in the background, but you might say, "What sea?" She pulls down the dress, and we see that Miosotis is wearing a white, lace, industrial-strength bra that only she could fill. There's more dancing, more bottom-up views, and then the stud arrives on the scene. Now, in most videos, this would be the point where Miosotis drops to her knees and sucks his cock, to be followed by pussy fucking and a cum shot. But Miosotis is no ordinary girl, and our stud's focus is always on her tits. He kneads them, sucks them, has Miosotis smother him with short, he does exactly the things you would do if you were with Miosotis. He can't keep his hands off them, and some of the camera angles, especially the ones in which our videographer gets on the floor and points up at Miosotis's chest, are unique. She shakes her tits at the camera. At 11 minutes, Miosotis, totally naked, lays back on the couch and spreads her legs. The stud goes down to eat her pink, wet pussy, and for the first time, the focus is on something other than tits. But even when Miosotis is blowing him, she uses her tits liberally, and the dude can't help but take his cock out of her mouth and insert it between her tits. She lays back for more tit-fucking, and his cock absolutely disappears! There's pussy-fucking, of course, which gives us another angle from which to watch Mio's whoppers sway like no tits have ever swayed before.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Kimberly Vader
Age: 26; Born: February 20; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 139 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Lace ones, usually; Anal: Fingering and licking only; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Of course. "I didn't enjoy school, so I ended up partying a lot instead of doing homework," Kimberly told us. "I'm enrolled in theatre school because I've always loved performing. I compete in Shaolin Kung Fu competitions, too, which is a rush to do in front of people. It's even more exciting because I'm fucking my instructor after everybody else leaves the temple!" We asked Kimberly to tell us about the first time she had sex. As far as first-time stories go, hers is a doozy. "I lost my V-card in a threesome with my best friend and the singer of our favorite band at the time. It was on the Vans Warped Tour, and it was such a rush. We gave him a blowjob together, and then we took turns riding his dick. It was the best." "I'm not bisexual, but I've had sex with a girl before. It was just to give it a shot. I was hanging out and drinking whiskey with a friend, and one thing led to another. Suddenly, she was eating me out and making me cum super hard. I, of course, returned the favor. I enjoyed it at the time, but I love dick too much to switch to the other team."
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Honey Ray
"I love sex, and it's all about having fun," 58-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Honey Ray said. "I'm a giver and a pleaser, so I love making people feel good." Today, Honey Ray is making herself feel good, and by doing so, she's going to make you feel good, too. She fucks herself with a big, clear, ribbed dildo and makes her pussy and ass gape. "I don't think I've slowed down one bit. I enjoy sex now more than ever," said Honey Ray, who was 53 years old when she fucked on-camera for us for the first time. Honey Ray's kids found out what she's been doing in our studio, but if you think that stopped her from coming back, you don't know Honey. "I said to them, 'Do you think I've changed in the last 10 years?' They said, 'No.' I said, 'Am I the same person I always was?' They said, 'Yes.' So I said, 'Well, then you have nothing to worry about.' I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing." Honey Ray once told us, "My dream fuck is with a 35- to 40-year-old man who has an eight-inch cock. We're in a log cabin during the winter, there's snow outside and we're fucking in front of the fire. It sounds romantic, right? Maybe so, but in my mind, it's filthy. I'm sucking his cock real sloppily and then tonguing his asshole, and he's got his finger buried up my ass while he fucks me. And when he's eating me out, I've got a dildo in my pussy while he tongues my clit." Her kids probably don't need to know about that.
From: 50plusmilfs

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