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Featuring: May West
SCORELAND members will remember May West. May made some very wild videos, both solos and hardcore. Today, for the first time, May's visiting from her bedroom. It was nice to get an email from her about wanting to play again. Unable to get to Miami this time, May did the next-best thing: excite us from home. May is wearing a green tank top, shorts and heels. She holds up the SCORELAND tank top she was given during her previous visit. "Hi, I'm May West," May says. "Do you remember me? I'm glad to be back. As you can see, I haven't changed at all. I still have my big, natural boobs, my curvy body and my bushy pussy. Welcome to my bedroom." May strips off down to her birthday suit and we can see that her big boobs are even bigger. She still has the bush that got members sending in their compliments during her original scenes. "I also like big bushes. I like big bushes on other women. I think it's really hot, so I just let mine grow out. I've had a lot of partners who complimented it. I really like it. I've almost always had it. Just once I shaved it off all the way and I regretted it. A partner of mine asked me to, and I'd never tried it, so I did it and I didn't like it." May explained why she chose her modeling name. "May is my great-grandmother's name and she was kind of a bad-ass, so I decided to take her name, and Mae West is a sex symbol, so it all came together. "Of things to do, masturbation is in my top five. Eating, sleeping, going for a walk, masturbating and taking baths. I definitely use toys in my personal play. I like dildos." May has two toys, one for her pussy and one for her butthole. She double-penetrates herself and uses her fingers to finish herself off. Go West, tits and ass man.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Kim Kreme
Kim Kreme, a 41-year-old wife and mom from the Phillipines, opens her first-ever on-camera fuck scene by taking a shower. She steps into the shower and gets her sexy body all wet. She soaps herself up and rinses herself off. You can see how much she enjoys touching herself. But now what? Kim steps out of the shower and dries herself off. She's going to get dressed, right? Well, wrong. Bare-assed naked, Kim walks into her living room and sits down on the couch. She's going to relax au natural. But then some guy shows up. Time for her to put on some clothes, right? Well, wrong. "Kim, what are you doing there?" he asks. "I'm just relaxing," she says. "You can call me Mom." Mom? "I'm not going to call you Mom," he says. "You're my step-mother." Kim doesn't care, and she's not going to put on any clothes. She stands up to clean up a little, bending over the couch, ass in the air, fuck holes completely exposed. Milan can't keep his eyes off of her, and now he has a problem: his hard-on. Actually, it's not a problem. At least not for Kim, who touches his legs and crotch. "You're my step-mother," he protests. Weakly. Finally, he gives in. Resistance is futile when a woman like Kim has your cock in her mouth, even if she is your step-mother. Before long, he's fucking his step-mother every which way, really ramming her hard, and Kim is cumming hard. He finishes off my cumming in her pussy. And that's the story of Kim Kreme's first fuck scene.
From: 40somethingmag
Featuring: Kenzi Foxx
As The Rolling Stones once said, "You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need." Milan, the guy in this scene, thinks he knows what he wants. He calls his favorite escort service and says, "I would like to have a young girl, like a schoolgirl, plaid skirt, white stockings and really important, I would like that she doesn't have big boobs. I want her to be flat. No boobs." That's what he thinks he wants, so when Kenzi Foxx shows up at his door, he's disappointed. She's definitely not a young girl. She's 50 years old. And although she's dressed like a schoolgirl--plaid skirt, white stockings--she isn't flat. She has big, fake tits. "You ordered a schoolgirl?" Kenzi says. "Well, yeah," Milan says. "You don't look like a schoolgirl. You look old enough to be my mother. And those boobs...they're huge! I asked for a flat girl!" Kenzi pushes him inside. "I'm going to give you the fuck of your life," she tells him, "and if you don't like it, you can tell my boss. You've never had a woman like me." She proceeds to choke on his cock, taking it all the way down her throat. They 69 and he fucks her face, too. She fucks him hard in positions young girls have never even imagined. Then, when she's been thoroughly fucked, she says, "I want your cum all over me. I want to eat it." So, although Milan doesn't get what he wants, it turns out he didn't know what he wanted. And he definitely got what he needed. As did Kenzi.
From: 50plusmilfs
Featuring: Julia Mendoza
Julia Mendoza is just killing it with those tight leggings that cling to her booty and legs like spray paint. She turns around and shows off her huge tits to complete the voluptuous vision. "When I leave my home, I wear tops that really show how busty I am," Julia told us. "I don't cover up. I don't want to hide what I have because I am proud of my body. Low-necklines, tight dresses and very sexy blouses and tank-tops are what I look for when I shop for clothes." SCORELAND: Julia, what are your sexual fantasies? Julia: I would love to have sex on the beach, on a yacht or on the sand. SCORELAND: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Julia: I am assertive in bed and every place else. SCORELAND: What sexually satisfies you the best? Give me oral sex and play with my tits a lot. They want a lot of attention. SCORELAND: How often do you have sex? Julia: It depends. Every month is different. SCORELAND: What is your favorite position? Julia: I like being on top and also on all fours. SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like? Julia: There's nothing better for me than oral sex.
From: scoreland

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