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Featuring: Nikki Johnson
Nikki, 21, is a waitress in LA. "Dipping Time" is what she calls the few minutes "almost every day" when she spreads her legs for a little self-pleasuring. "I have two routines," Nikki said. "A cum-quick way for when time is short and I want to cum in a hurry, and a slower, more teasing-before-cumming way for when I can take my time. But neither way is as good as a real dicking."
From: naughtymag
Featuring: Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie has set out a fine spread in more ways than one on the deck by the water and now she waits for Carlos Rios and his cock. How does this wild MILF handle a hungry man? For an appetizer, Claudia's wearing a form-fitting, lacey outfit that shows off her dangerous curves and her eye-popping mega-boobs. When he shows, Carlos starts banging Claudia on the deck immediately and practically carries her inside the house to ravish her. He pounds into her with his battering ram and makes her scream with pleasure, first fucking her pussy, then her ass. Spoiler alert: Claudia grabs his boner, speed-milks every drop of cum into her face and looks at him with intense satisfaction. She loves that salty nut sauce. "There isn't a dick in this world that's going to scare me!" says Claudia, a powerhouse of raw, raunchy fucking, the harder the better. She's humped guys from "18 to 76 years old! Sometimes, when you start talking to somebody you never thought you'd be attracted to, you start hanging out or having a conversation and you find yourself attracted. The oldest man I had sex with was 76!"
From: scoreland
Featuring: Kris Kelly
Kris Kelly, dressed and sitting at the edge of the bed, talks about her sex fantasies and her sex life. What she likes. What she likes to do. Who she likes to do it with. Her preferences and desires. How does sex on-camera for a scene that will be watched by many make her feel? Our director explores this with Kris before stud #1 and then stud #2 come out to make Kris feel right at home...or any other place she likes to get fucked. Kris talks about group sex while Tony sucks and nibbles on her nipple. It's not easy for a gal to be interviewed while a guy is sending waves of pleasure through her thick body but Kris doesn't lose her focus. And then Juan steps into the picture to pleasure Kris's other side. The question and answer period fades away naturally as this newly acquainted threesome get to explore. Her two new friends fill Kris's pussy and mouth in as many positions as they can think of. Kris said she likes hard men who can be forceful and dominating in bed. Now she can have two of them dedicated to serving her and popping their nuts all over her face.
From: xlgirls
Featuring: Whitney Stevens
Whitney Stevens brought her car to a mechanic for repairs, and now she swivels and bounces into the shop to pick it up. When he hands her the bill, she tells him she can't afford what he's charging. Now, Whitney is a girl who can wrap any man around her little finger and wrap her big tits around any cock. She offers to barter the bill down. Whitney is fine with getting her clothes off in the middle of a garage, no matter who else is around. She shows him her big tits. The mechanic tells her he can lower the bill if she fucks him. "Oh no, I'm not going to fuck you," Whitney replies. "Whadda ya gonna do?" he asks her. "I can give you a hand job and fuck you with my tits." In other words, a five-fingered discount. Deal. Whiney sits on the mechanic, her tits out of her top and bra, and starts on her lube job. She's been trained to work with big tools herself. She pauses to stand up by the hood of the car and gets her shorts and tank top off to show him her superb chassis, rear bumpers and large headlights. Then she resumes her lube job, and it's a lengthy one. Whitney never skimps on full-service.
From: scoreland

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