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"My friends are all making fun of me," a guy says to 55-year-old Constance Joy at the start of this scene. "What is it they're making fun of you about?" Constance asks. "I'm into older women," he says. "I don't think it's so big of a deal." That gets Constance's attention. After all, she's definitely an older woman to this guy. He's been with a 21-year-old but never with a 55-year-old MILF like Constance. But that's about to change. Constance is about to take matters into her own hands and this dude's cock in her mouth and pussy. "I worked for a school system in Michigan," said Constance, who's a divorcee and a mom. "I was in property management. I was a foster mother. I was a caregiver to my parents, so for a lot of my life, I was caring for others, and now it's time for me to take care of me." Well, yeah, but here, she's taking care of this lucky dude, too. We asked Constance if her daughter knows she's here, doing this. "She knows I'm in Florida. She does not know I'm here with you. I'm very honest with her except in this one aspect. I don't think my sexual preferences are any concern of my child's. If she did find out, I don't think she'd disown me. I do think she'd be a little shocked, but she'd understand. She knows that I date a lot." SPOILER ALERT! THERE IS NO DATING GOING ON IN THIS SCENE!
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40-year-old wife and mom Denise LaFleur is doing some tidying up around the house when she discovers that her daughter forgot her phone. So she picks it up and what does she see? A dick! A 100% genuine dick pic! And a picture of the guy whom, presumably, the dick belongs to. She reads the text message: "Can I come over now?" Denise takes action. She calls her daughter and grounds her for life for getting dick pics on her cell phone. She calls the guy and tells him in no uncertain terms to stay away from her daughter. Well, no. She doesn't do any of those things. She texts back, "Yes. Come over now." Then she gets dressed for fun, putting on a sexy bra and a tight dress that hugs her hot body and big tits. So...knock on the door...Denise answers...dude is stunned. "What are you doing sending dick pics to my daughter?" Mrs. La Fleur asks. "Aren't you just a little bit too old to be dating my daughter?" He's speechless, so she pulls him inside and shows him who he isn't too old for: the daughter's mom! Denise crouches, takes his cock out of his pants and sucks it. And since this is, you can guess what happens next. Denise was born in Tennessee and lives in Houston, Texas. She and her hubby are swingers. When we asked her if the people back home would be surprised to see her here, sucking and fucking a porn stud's cock, she said, "Yes and no. Some friends and family are aware of my lifestyle and are not going to be surprised at all. Other friends and family are not aware of my lifestyle, so if they happen to become aware of this, they'll be shocked, I'm sure." Her daughter definitely will be. Next time, she shouldn't forget her phone. A mom like Denise can be a real boyfriend stealer.
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Featuring: Ivanna Lace
There's a whole lotta shakin' going on with the fantastic Ivanna Lace. Ivanna shows us her daily fitness routine, complete with lots of boob shaking, bouncing, clapping and swinging. We could watch the shapely, sexy, curvy brunette do this all day. Dedicated breast-men will find plenty to savor as lovely Ivanna works out and peels off her fitness outfit. We don't know where the girls buy their furniture but their sofas always seem to come with toys. Ivanna makes good use of that after her workout. We caught up with Ivanna, and that's always a pleasure. XLGirls: Ivanna, we love your photos and videos. How are you? How is your daily life now? Ivanna: Last year was not easy for me, as it was for many of you. But thanks to the internet, I began to read more and communicate with friends. I don't watch TV. XLGirls: Do you have any new hobbies? Ivanna: Almost a year ago, I bought a bike and one-to-two times per week I would ride my bike...until we had cold weather. I also study numerology and astrology. XLGirls: Do you drive a car? Do seat belts fit you comfortably? Ivanna: I have a driver's license but I do not have a car so I often use a taxi. I prefer to sit in front near the driver. I always fasten the seat belt and I pray because very often the driver's eyes don't look at the road! XLGirls: I wonder why....
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Featuring: Bambi Bella
When you see the name Bambi--from the Italian word bambina--you may think of someone innocent and wide-eyed. Bambi Bella is unknown in the USA but that will change. A webcam girl in the Czech Republic for several years, Bella also does hardcore porn. One of our photographers in search of girls with big tits spent the day with Bambi. After playing with her body and toying her pussy and ass in this introductory video, busty Bambi sucked and fucked and got the stud's hard cock thrust deep into her butthole. Bambi is a fan of toys, big cocks, double penetration and watching porn videos. Her favorite kind of sex partners are young, hung guys. She loves giving deep throat and getting her pussy licked.
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